Diversity & Inclusion

Telenor is an equal opportunity employer and diversity is imperative to the way we do business. It is about ‘creating together’ services and solutions that include different perspectives. Discrimination is against our Code of Conduct and clearly states that no direct or indirect negative discrimination shall take place based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, employee representation, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Human beings are entitled to be treated with respect, care and dignity. Telenor’s business practices are not sustainable unless we base relationships on basic human rights with and between employees and appreciate diversity, cultural and other differences.

Gender Balance

Telenor is intent in its commitment to gender balance. Learn more on:

Women at Telenor

International Background

Telenor encourages and maintains a diverse employee base

Nationalities in Telenor ASA: 70 percent Norwegian, 30 percent International


Telenor continues to to operate its Telenor Open Mind and Telenor Integration programmes, making it easier for people with disabilities (either mentally or physically) and immigrants with higher education to enter employment. The programme offers comprehensive internship programmes with active coaching and mentoring. As of 2015, OpenMind has launched in Sweden, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria and Norway with a total of 375 people inducted through the programme globally.

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