Group of employees working

Every one of our employees plays a part in the path to the achievement of our shared goals. They are our most valuable assets, and providing them with opportunities for growth, learning and development is an important part of our strategy.

In Telenor, we believe in employee development and encourage a continuous dialogue between employees and leaders. This supports learning and fosters an agile and collaboration-oriented culture, which is essential to building a winning team.

Upskilling and reskilling our employees is important to us. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their own learning and development. We offer numerous opportunities to our employees across Telenor in all units and regions and prioritize employee learning and development. Due to the rapid pace of change in our industry, Telenor emphasizes speed of learning and the creation of programmes that enable employees to gain new and important skills and competencies rapidly and efficiently.

Development opportunities

We offer employees opportunities to grow and develop through on-the-job experience, short term assignments, access to a wide range of on-demand and facilitated learnings, and opportunities to learn from others through formal mentoring, networking and informal connections.


Telenor Academy is a single access point for all the online learning resources available to Telenor employees. It can be accessed from desktop or mobile. It is an intelligent learning platform that connects people to the knowledge they need when they need it. This vast learning library consists of more than 7,500 learning resources. All courses available at Telenor Academy are curated by Telenor Group's Learning and Development team.

Transform yourself – the 40-hour challenge

We introduced a 40-hour challenge to our employees at the start of 2018, challenging employees in all Telenor markets across Asia and the Nordics to complete at least 40 hours of training and education each year. The aim of this initiative is for our employees to upskill/reskill and stay relevant in an industry that sees constant and rapid technological development.

People Dialogue

People Dialogue is Telenor’s performance development process, using the strength-based development approach. Development of employees is a key priority in Telenor. Employees have the opportunity to focus on their development, growth and key deliverables throughout the year. This is done through real-time feedback and regular conversations with line managers and peers.