From behaviours to culture

Telenor’s culture is our shared values and assumptions about what is appropriate to do at the workplace. It is reflected in everything we do as an organisation, ranging from how we collaborate internally to how we treat customers.

Our culture is also about our shared beliefs, values and mindsets. The best way to evolve what our employees think, feel or believe is by shaping behaviour. When we recognise that we behave differently, we will adjust our cognitive and emotional systems.

The reason we focus on behaviour is that this is the most efficient way to evolve culture. When new behaviours become habits, they start affecting values and mindsets and gradually change culture.

Our behaviours

We have four behaviours that guide the way we work:

  • Always Explore. We believe growth comes from learning every day. We’re curious and we dare to challenge, test, fail fast and pivot.
  • Create Together. We believe diverse teams find better solutions. We seek different perspectives, share, involve and help each other succeed.
  • Keep Promises. We believe that trust is key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering with precision and integrity.
  • Be Respectful. We believe in the unique human ability to understand what matters for people. We meet everyone at eye level, listen and show that we care.

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Living our behaviours

Always Explore

Meet Telenor Pakistan’s Customer Care Executive, Naomi Justin. Naomi spends her days supporting customers and finding them the best solutions possible. She takes that commitment seriously. So when one customer called about a lack of 3G signal in the area, she aimed to help. She reached out to another division within the company to explore different solutions, until after much discussion and approvals, she found the answer. The customer was so satisfied that they took to Twitter to share that they were “200% satisfied” with the solution. Naomi’s willingness to always explore resulted in an innovative solution to solve a customer problem.

Keep Promises

Meet dtac’s Head of Postpaid Branded Retail Division, Chaiwat Udomsrirungruang. When the dtac organisation faced challenges related to the expiration of spectrum, Chaiwat knew that he and his colleagues needed to prepare and take care of customers. So they launched a campaign called #RiseUpDtac to motivate all employees to keep fighting for customers during this transition. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of people signing up to support. Chaiwat says that in his 13-years at dtac, this was his happiest moment. His efforts helped to ensure that dtac could keep promises to its customers.

Create Together

Meet Telenor Group’s Head of Multimedia, Henrik Sigmundstad. He was a key part of a collaborative effort with Telenor’s Branding and Design team to create new and fresh Telenor PowerPoint templates for all employees to use when presenting on behalf of Telenor. Shortly after the launch, employees encountered some issues with the functionality of the templates. Henrik was on holiday at the time, but he couldn’t stop think about the frustrations that people were experiencing across the organisation. He was proud of this collaboration and wanted the experience to be seamless, so he decided to use part of his vacation time to fix the issues. As a result, all Telenor employees now have easy and error-free access to beautiful new PowerPoint templates, for all their presentation needs.

Be Respectful

Meet Telenor Sweden’s Manager Fraud and Credit Operations, Nina Edlund, and her team. When Sweden’s services were down, store retailers were unable register new subscriptions for customers. This meant that new subscriptions had to be processed by phone, and Nina worried that if the company couldn’t handle the call volume, they’d lose the respect of their customers. Nina and her team decided to take action. They stepped up and had incoming calls re-directed to them as well, in order to speed things up, ease the backlog and get customers their subscriptions as quickly as possible. Customers’ time is important, and Nina and her team wanted to respect that by ensuring that their experience was as quick and smooth as possible.