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We offer rewarding and competitive packages.

Key components consist of personal development and career advancement, mobility opportunities, flexible working hours, recognition and varying initiatives supporting work-life balance.

The list of monetary and non-monetary compensation elements and benefits varies per market. However, here are some initiatives which have been introduced globally in all our eight markets:

  • The Employee Shares Plan (ESP) gives employees the opportunity to become a shareholder in Telenor by buying shares at a discounted price and the possibility to receive additional shares through a potential ESP bonus.

  • The Ambassador programmes ensure that employees fulfil the prerequisite of becoming knowledgeable about Telenor’s services and products.

  • We offer 6 months of maternity leave as a global standard – in some locations it can be more; no Telenor office offers less than half a year.

Most of our local companies offer discounts at partner companies, meal support, health benefits, contributions to pension and insurance plans, fitness services and more. Also there are great company parties, various social and cultural events that you can participate in as well!

Here are a few examples of some local initiatives:

Pakistan – On-site child care, New Beginnings programmes that help wives and mothers re-enter the workforce and provide driving courses for women

Norway – Company cottage rentals at a reasonable rate… beautiful mountain view, fresh air, everything you need to recharge your batteries!

Bangladesh – Special Telenor discounts for the employees in local and foreign hospitals