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We believe that feedback and a continuous dialogue between employees and leaders are essential in shaping organisational culture and the working environment. Every year, all Telenor employees have a chance to voice their opinions in the comprehensive ‘Our Voice’ - Engagement and Enablement Survey (EES), covering motivation, leadership, strategy, processes, innovation, collaboration tools, speak-out culture, safety and well-being.

The feedback shared in the survey translates into action plans. We work on these action plans throughout the year, and the progress is communicated back to the teams. This continuous listening, learning and sharing is an essential part of building a winning team.

In addition to the annual survey, mid-year or periodic pulse surveys in the business units ensure that we can monitor the motivation and productivity levels of the organisation to adjust and align our efforts.

Our Voice - Engagement & Enablement Survey (EES)

Telenor employees are some of the most engaged across industries and markets. This is a result of a long-term and consistent effort to listen to employee feedback and act upon it . Our results reflect the way we engage and empower employees, enabling us to attract the talent with a competence to keep us at the forefront of a competitive market.

In 2020, Telenor Group achieved the highest-ever Engagement & Enablement Index (EEI score) with an improvement of +2 ppts (from 64 to 66). This stands at +11 percentage points above the benchmark of high performing companies and telecom industry (55). Engagement and Enablement have both increased significantly, by a full percentage point, and remain well above the standard high performance of telecoms. The positive results of the survey are supported by a high survey participation of 90 per cent across Telenor, which ensures reliable survey data and availability of survey reports for leaders to work with their teams.

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Overall, the scores for the majority of questions have increased significantly or remained stable since 2019. Most questions are above or at par with the highest benchmarks. Additionally, the scores on survey items such as strategic clarity, empowerment to take risks, trust and accountability stand out significantly in comparison with the benchmarks.

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At the same time, the significant improvements in this year’s survey also reflect the positive effects of actions taken by Telenor to address Covid-19 challenges.

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The positive development in the engagement and enablement index (EEI), as well as all the remaining dimensions, represent a consistent effort over the years to develop a people-centric culture.

[1] The high performing norm is a Korn Ferry benchmark that compares survey scores from 875,000 employees in 55 companies that exceed financial performance compared to their industry peers. The telecommunications norm is a comparison of survey data from 625,000 employees in 10 organisations operating in the telecommunications industry globally.