Your Career Development

In Telenor we hire people for their talent, and we give them opportunities to shape their own future careers. If you are daring and ready to take on new challenges, we are ready to help you to fulfil your goals.

Telenor Journeys

Each employee’s journey is different. But we hope yours will be unique, purposeful and life-enhancing on a professional as well as a personal level. Here are some examples of journeys taken by some Telenor employees. When you actively take charge of your own future, only then will you get the most out of your work experience.


Fatima Kaneez, Pakistani. 1977

“At Telenor, hard work and forward leaning approach is acknowledged and rewarded.  You come across many opportunities helping you to stretch you knowledge and grow professionally as well as personally.”

2013-Present: Telenor ASA in Norway

Senior Marketing Expert, Analytics – Digital Businesses

2012-2013: Telenor ASA in Norway

Customer Centricity Analyst, Customer Centricity Program

2009-2012: Telenor Pakistan

Assistant Manager Customer Insights


Manisha Dogra, Indian. 1977

“The journey with Telenor has been fantastic and has given me opportunities to utilize and hone my skills and also learn and grow as a person. Our Way of Work allows recognition of talent and provides avenues for growth to all.”

2015-Present: Telenor Group – Bangkok

Director, Group Sustainability

2013: Telenor Myanmar

Head of Supply Chain Sustainability

2010-2013: Telenor India

GM -Business Assurance

2009: Telenor India

DGM – Occupational Health & Safety

Mobility Oppurtunities

Meet Petter Brøvig, our Traveling TechXplorer (Oslo-Bangkok-New York CIty)

Read Petter Brøvig’s full work abroad journey.

Telenor believes that employees, with a global mindset and the ability to exchange ideas across borders, are critical for its international success. The flow of talent and knowledge worldwide helps the company challenge tradition, strengthen ties amongst markets and create an environment that encourages diversity and innovation.

We enable eligible employees to work abroad in the countries where Telenor operates. Employees may join projects on a short-term basis, take a job abroad for a couple of years or chose to permanently move to another country. Many opportunities are abound!

Find out how it’s like to live in Norway and work at our Headquarters Office (Telenor Group)  and Business Unit (Telenor Norway).

Learning Opportunities

To grow as a company, we encourage employees to constantly learn and develop skills. Telenor provides an online learning environment for all employees and has revitalised its learning academies for leaders and experts. For the latter, we offer “Telenor Degrees” with best-in-class development programmes led by internationally recognised schools and programmes including Duke, Stanford, Google and more. A range of topics are available, for example: new product development, design, applied analytics, digital channels and digital marketing.

For more information, visit e-Learning Opportunities.

People Dialogue

People Dialogue is Telenor’s performance development process, using the strength-based development approach. Development of employees is one of the main priorities in Telenor. Employees will have the opportunity to focus on their development, growth and key deliverables throughout the year. This will be done through real-time feedback and regular conversations with the line managers and peers.

Employee Engagement Survey

Telenor employees are amongst the most engaged across industries and markets. This is a result of a long-term strategy, reflected in the way we engage and empower employees, enabling us to attract the best people and compete with innovative companies, worldwide.

Every year, all Telenor employees have a chance to voice their opinions about Telenor as a place to work in a comprehensive survey called Our Voice Employee Effectiveness Survey (EES). The survey is delivered by our external partner, Korn Ferry Hay Group, contractually bound to provide a safe and confidential survey.

Between the annual surveys, a mid-term pulse survey ensures that we can monitor the actual employee effectiveness levels and the improvement of the selected focus areas.

In 2017:

In comparison to last year, we managed to maintain the Employee Effectiveness Index (the composition of Engagement and Enablement) at 59%, the same level as in 2016. This result ensures that Telenor continues to be above the ‘high-performing-norm’ – the external benchmark of Korn Ferry Hay Group, comprised of 30 companies across industries representing three times higher financial performance than the average.

Regarding Engagement (represents employees committed to the organisation and willing to apply discretionary effort in their work) % Favorable is the following:

73% – Telenor
73% – High Performing (Norm)*
73% – Telecommunications (Norm)**
68% – General Industry (Norm)***

Regarding Enablement Index (represents employees well matched to their role and who experience job conditions that support them to perform to their full potential), % Favorable is the following:

75% – Telenor
72% – High Performing (Norm)*
70% – Telecommunications (Norm)**
68% – General Industry (Norm)***

* High Performing (Norm)-Consists of 30 Hay Group customers from various industries with three times higher financial KPIs than the average.
** Telecommunications (Norm)- Telecommunications companies worldwide
***General Industry (Norm)- Several hundreds of organizations worldwide