Bolder, faster, happier – Christian Thrane talks about taking the digital leap with customers

Changing customer demands and behaviors inevitably set new requirements on our ways of working. A true digital frontrunner needs to be more agile and data-driven, also when it comes to marketing. As CMO at Telenor, Christian Thrane is driving the push towards an all-in, agile team set-up that provides the crucial link between Marketing and IT that´s been missing.

Who are you, Christian Thrane?

I am passionate about driving change for the better. I love establishing a strong team to set direction and working together to reach ambitious goals. I have worked at Telenor for thirteen years and it has been an amazing change journey for the industry, for Telenor and for me personally. I have worked in Denmark, Malaysia and now in Sweden. If there is one thing that pervades Telenor across the countries we operate in, it is change. In Telenor Sweden, we have embarked on an ambitious transformation journey with the aim to fundamentally change the way we operate our business. This is something that I am really passionate about.

What motivates you working at Telenor?

The telecom industry plays a core part of society and in many ways our industry is an enabler of the digital transformation which is taking place in all industries at the moment. At the same time, the telecom industry itself, and Telenor, also need to transform our business to succeed. I am intrigued by the challenge to define what a successful digital telco is – and be part of building it. I am convinced that we must be customer-focused in everything we do and we must be data-driven and digital at the core.

What are the biggest challenges?

As many large companies we have our fair share of legacy systems, products and processes. Telenor Sweden is a result of many acquisitions and multiple integrations over the years may have delayed investments in new technology. We like to look at it as a ‘late-mover advantage’ where we are investing in the latest technology and leveraging experience from others. In many ways we aim to make our biggest challenge our biggest opportunity by creating a modern IT and analytics architecture where strong talent can make a difference.