Jon Arne Mogstad

Norway, 1950 -
3 works

Jon Olav Mogstad, born in 1950, lives and works in Norway. He graduated from the Norwegian College of Applied Arts and Crafts and the State Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Mogstad is  professor of visual art at the art academy in Bergen; from 1987 to 2004 he was professor at the art academy in Trondheim. Mogstad has had a series of decorative commissions. Telenor has two works by Mogstad, an architecturally integrated work of art at Fornebu and a large painting in the canteen at Tyholt in Trondheim.


    • Jon Arne Mogstad
      Stucco Lustro
      Painting, 2000
    • Jon Arne Mogstad
      Time, Time, Time
      Painting, 1999
    • Jon Arne Mogstad
      Photography, 2001