About The Telenor Art Collection


The Telenor Art Collection is characterized by its focus on selected and important works of art. The Art Collection aims to embrace the complexity of our featured artists, and the works of art that are chosen can be representative of both the artist’s particular focus and their scope. The Art Collection has two main pillars, featuring art that in some way relates to architecture as well as all types of portraiture.


The works of art shall inspire, stimulate and even be a little perplexing. In some of Telenor’s buildings the art interacts with the architecture, emphasising and intensifying it; in other locations it contrasts with the architecture.

Emphasis on the aesthetic

By focusing on architecture, design and visual art, Telenor aims to reinforce our employees’ job satisfaction and creativity. The works of art are placed in highly visible locations and in areas frequented by Telenor’s employees and visitors.

The Art Collection

The Telenor Art Collection today consists of some 700 works of art of high artistic quality and is displayed in Telenor’s many buildings around Norway. Telenor also lends works of art from the Art Collection to selected exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Telenor owns works of art that are not featured in other art collections in Norway, and in this way Telenor aims to contribute to art in the Norwegian public domain.

Online presentation

This presentation shows a representative selection of Telenor's Art Collection and will be regularly updated.