Adapting to the new normal? You’re not alone.

We all face new challenges in terms of keeping up momentum and motivation in a virtual world. We asked our SVP, Head of Learning and Development, Joakim Slørstad, for three tips to get the best results from our virtual teams.

Written: Mar 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute

1. Be clear

Now more than ever, everyone needs to be crystal clear on the goals, breaking it down into understandable deliverables with clear deadlines. Get everyone aligned on what needs to be done and when, to make up for physical distance.

2. Focus on inclusion

In virtual settings, there’s a much higher risk for people to feel excluded from what’s going on. Members need to be much more deliberate in updating, informing and documenting the news and info they need to know. Maybe it’s time to consider group chats or forums rather than 1-1 emails?

3. Shake things up and make time for everyone

It’s challenging to keep people engaged in big, virtual meetings. One tip is to keep the agenda interesting from meeting-to-meeting. Also, make sure there’s time to discuss and that the meeting isn’t a one-way session. Secondly, another tip is to open the meeting with a ‘check-in’, asking all present to share one positive things that’s happened to them (related to their work goals) since you last met.