Our Strategy

Our vision is to empower societies. We provide the power of digital communication, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. Our strategy towards 2020 is driven by the ambition to become our customers’ favourite partner in digital life.

Customers’ favourite partner in digital life

By satisfying each customer’s digital needs in a personal and relevant way, we are building strong and lasting relationships with our customers

A range of relevant digital products, developed both within Telenor and by partners, and delivered over high quality networks. We push for innovation through increased openness and by working with partners developing compelling services. New digital verticals like financial services, online classifieds, m-health, ad tech, and Internet of Things, give us access to new capabilities and user data, supporting our ambition to make digital distribution a competitive advantage, and enabling us to capture new revenue streams.

Most efficient operator

We aim to continue growing and significantly improving our efficiency, driven by a digital transformation of the telecom business and a strict prioritization of resources.

Across Telenor we have an increasing focus on cash-flow, and simultaneously seeking to leverage scale, both through global operations and synergies. We innovate efficiently, by relying on  low cost experimentation.

Advanced analytics will enable us to continuously measure and prioritize investments based on value creation, from base-stations to individual customer offers.

Winning team

To deliver on our customer promises and pursue the objective of becoming more efficient, we are enhancing collaboration and standardization across functions and borders, working more integrated and efficiently, supported by an increasingly hassle-free working environment.  We are  building in-house digital competences that can be leveraged globally.

Our ambition is to be an attractive employer for people with digital competence and digital mindset.

Responsible business conduct

It is our responsibility and our ambition to contribute to economic, environmental and social development of the countries where we are present, acting with accountability and transparency. By showing our long-term commitment we will attract the best partners, the right investors, customers and employees, all of whom share and appreciate our high ethical standards.

We aspire to be a trusted company, recognized for strong business ethics and for creating long-term value for both shareholders and societies.