Our Strategy

Telenor exists to connect our customers to what matters most. This is our purpose. Delivering internet access and connectivity is the foundation of what we do. It enables our customers to connect their digital lives. We seek to personalize this experience based on their needs and preferences. Our strategy towards 2020 is driven by the ambition to transform the customer experience. We create value by becoming even more efficient in how we operate, how we deliver our services and how customers experience us.

Connecting customers to what matters most

Customers want help in selecting the right types of offers based on their usage patterns and to better understand their options. Customers want things to be easy, they want to trust us and know that their information is safe with us; and they want to get help when they need it. This is  what matters most to customers today, and it serves as the driver for our strategy.


Capture growth opportunities in our markets, driven by serving our customers’ increasing need for internet access and connectivity, supported by building digital distribution at scale and identifying areas for long-term growth.

Simplification and efficiency

Improve efficiency within all areas of the operation, by using digital tools, improving spectrum efficiency, optimizing IT & networks, simplifying our processes and the way we work.

Responsible business

Be a trusted partner with strong integrity, reduce inequalities and deliver on safety, security and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) roadmaps.

Winning teams

Nurture a learning, agile and collaboration-oriented culture.