Our Strategy

We will retain the focus on growth and value creation. The growth will come from both our telco business, current digital verticals (IoT/M2M, Online Classifieds and Financial Services), and in new digital verticals.

Strategic ambitions

To deliver on the ambitions of growth and value creation we will take the position as our customers’ favorite partner in digital life. We will be delivering a broad range of relevant, personalized and engaging digital services. These include connectivity and communications services, select internet services within for example storage and communication, and select stand-alone digital verticals. Four strategic ambitions are defined to reach this position:

Loved by Customers

Subscriber growth is reaching saturation in most of Telenor’s markets. To achieve above industry growth going forward, Telenor needs to create a superior experience for our customers, and turn them into promoters of our services. We will provide the best network experience, personalized customer interactions, and digitized and automated customer journeys.

Engaging Digital Products

The time our customers are spending on our core services is leveling off or decreasing across all our markets. To stay relevant to our customers and to secure digital marketing channels we need strong end-user positions, and our ambition is to create this within selected internet service categories (e.g. communication and storage) and in digital verticals (e.g. IoT/M2M, Online Classifieds).

Winning Team

The shift from a traditional telco to becoming the customers’ favorite partner in digital life requires a significant change in culture and capabilities. We will become a more expertise driven company, and be an attractive employer for people with digital mindset and competence.

Most Efficient Operator

With diminishing growth in telco revenue and increased competition on services from internet players, Telenor needs to operate smarter and more efficiently. We will accelerate technology efficiency, pursue process simplification and deploy new operating models, to significantly reduce costs.

We have established a global transformation program to drive the implementation of the strategy.