Telenor Broadcast

Telenor Broadcast is the leading provider of DTH television in the Nordic region, measured by subscribers and revenues. Telenor Broadcast also provides terrestrial transmission services and satellite services.

Telenor Broadcast has a strong position in the Nordic TV distribution market, in European satellite transmission and in conditional access technology worldwide.

The company has also an international standing in terrestrial transmission, based on the experience and competence built in our home market.

Key facts:

  • Substantial growth over the past decade
  • Owns Canal Digital, Norkring, and Telenor Satellite
  • Approximately 600 employees worldwide

CEOs of the Broadcast companies

Broadcast business description

Telenor Broadcast is the leading provider of television and broadcasting services to households and enterprises in the Nordic region, measured by subscribers and revenues through its B2C (business- to- consumer) entertainment company, Canal Digital.

Canal Digital today offers over 130 TV channels to end customers. Close to 930 thousands DTH households across the Nordics choose Canal Digital as their entertainment platform.

Canal Digital AS is led by CEO Ragnar Kårhus, who runs the Canal Digital companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Visit Canal Digital website

Norkring develops, builds and operates the Digital terrestrial network for television and radio in Norway and Belgium. (DTT and DAB).

The company is today Norway’s largest provider of broadcasting services, providing nationwide transmissions networks for TV and Radio.
Norkring also offers services within Site management, Medianet and colocation.

Norkring is the owner of a large amount of terrestrial transmitters spread throughout Norway.

As the leading player in the Norwegian market, Norkring has a long history and wide knowledge in terrestrial broadcasting services.

The company has played an important role in developing the broadcasting market, with a task to offer customers improved and better products and solutions.

Norkring is led by CEO Torbjørn Ø. Teigen.
The headquarters are situated at Telenor Fornebu, on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway.

Norkring AS is fully owned by Telenor.

Visit the Norkring website

As the leading Satellite operator in the Nordic region and a major provider of satellite communication services, Telenor Satellite, delivers quality TV broadcasting services across Europe. Positioned at 1º West, Telenor Satellite owns and operates satellites, THOR 5 and THOR 6, as well as owning high powered capacity on the Intelsat 10-02 satellite. Collectively, the satellites encompass a broad coverage area, reaching a third of the world’s landmass.

Transmitting nearly 700 TV channels and hundreds of radio stations, 1º West is a prime position for content distribution and turnaround services in the Nordic Region and throughout Europe, specifically Central and Eastern Europe. Telenor Satellite has also extended their position and transitioned Thor III to its new orbital location, 4° West, offering inclined orbit operations throughout the Middle East.

Morten Tengs is the CEO of Telenor Satellite. The company’s main office is based at Telenor Fornebu, Norway.

Visit Telenor Satellite website.

Key Figures for Telenor Broadcast

(NOK in millions) Second quarter First half year Year
2017 2016 2017 2016 2016
Canal Digital DTH 1.154 1.165 2.253 2.312 4.555
Satellite 227 241 454 478 955
Norkring 283 275 564 775 1.333
Other/Eliminations (117) (120) (235) (239) (477)
Total revenues 1.547 1.561 3.035 3.326 6.366
Operating expenditures 434 474 889 932 1.841
EBITDA before other items
Canal Digital DTH 230 217 403 427 782
Satellite 143 160 296 314 650
Norkring 159 142 300 517 822
Other/Eliminations (4) (7) (9) (13) (23)
Total EBITDA before other items 529 512 990 1.244 2.231
Operating profit
Canal Digital DTH 206 202 357 400 709
Satellite 424 77 484 147 313
Norkring 87 51 149 230 377
Other/Eliminations (7) (7) (7) (13) (29)
Total operating profit 709 323 983 764 1.370
EBITDA before other items/Total revenues (%) 34.2 32.8 32.6 37.4 35.0
Capex 95 93 189 189 412
No. of subscriptions - Change in quarter/Total (in thousands):
DTH TV (4) (7) 851 870 862