Our business - a leading mobile operator

Telenor Group is one of the leading mobile operators in the world, with 214 million mobile subscriptions. We have mobile operations in 13 markets, as well as an ownership interest of 19.7% in VEON Ltd.

Telenor Group film featuring our employees

Our main revenues come from our mobile operations

Telenor Group provides tele, data and media services in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Our main revenues come from our mobile operations, making us one of the world’s major mobile operators:

  • 214 million mobile subscriptions worldwide
  • Mobile operations in 13 markets
  • Revenues 2016: NOK 131 billion

Telenor offers communication services worldwide

With 36,000 employees worldwide, Telenor Group is able to offer a wide range of telecom-related services to consumers and enterprises. Our main operations are concentrated in three geographic regions:

The Nordics : Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Central and Eastern Europe : Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria

Asia : Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Myanmar

For market information and country-specific data, please refer to our global presence section.