dtac, Thailand

dtac is the second largest mobile operator in Thailand.

dtac offers mobile services to its customers through contract and prepaid tariff plans.

Key facts

  • 22.625 million mobile subscriptions (2017)
  • 4394 employees (2017)
  • Total revenues of NOK 19.089 billion (2017)
  • Monthly Mobile ARPU: NOK 61 (2017)
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Singapore Exchange
  • The headquarters are located in Bangkok
  • CEO: Alexandra Reich

Social initiatives

dtac is committed to empowering Thai society with mobile connectivity. The dtac Smart Farmer app provides real-time market insights and actionable information while our NET Arsa training courses in cooperation with the Thai government have reached one million trainees.

Historical background

dtac was established in 1989 and Telenor became a shareholder in 2001.

Analytical information

For detailed information on regulatory matters, network, licenses and competitors, see our business descriptions for dtac.

Company Website

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Key Figures for dtac

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