DiGi, Malaysia

DiGi is the third largest mobile operator in Malaysia.

DiGi is offering mobile voice, roaming and value-added services on both prepaid and contract bases.

Key facts

  • 11.660 million mobile subscriptions (2018)
  • 1591 employees (2018)
  • Total revenues of NOK 12.966 billion (2018)
  • Monthly Mobile ARPU: NOK 83 (2018)
  • Telenor holds a 49 % ownership interest in DiGi (as of 31 March 2011)
  • DiGi is listed on Bursa Malaysia
  • The headquarters are located in Shah Alam
  • CEO: Albern Murty

Socio-economic impact of mobile financial services

Mobile financial services can play a significantly role in the continuation of financial inclusion in Malaysia. A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group for Telenor in 2011 show that Malaysia could potentially see 47 % of its population using mobile financial services by 2020. This represents an increase of 0.3 % of the total Gross Domestic Product. The economical and societal contributions of the new business activity include creating 44,000 new jobs and improving health care access.

DiGi is offering its customers the ability to purchase personal accident insurance. The DiGiREMIT service allows international fund transfers in a convenient and secure manner through mobile phone.

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Innovative and responsible company

DiGi has received a multitude of awards for its innovation and services, and has even been named Malaysia’s most innovative company. Through its corporate initiative, Deep Green, DiGi is committed to a sustainable business that is financially and ecologically responsible to all stakeholders.

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Analytical information

For detailed information on regulatory matters, network, licenses and competitors, see our business descriptions for DiGi.

Company Website

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Key Figures for Digi

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