Group Holdings is where adjacent and non-core assets in Telenor are gathered under a professional ownership team. The key objective of the unit is to strengthen the value creation potential and long-term development of the companies in the portfolio. The unit is responsible for assessing multiple strategies for value creation through operational improvement, synergies with Telenor’s core business, platforms for future growth, partnering and potential restructuring.

Telenor Real Estate

Telenor Real Estate provides property services to the Telenor Group companies, in addition to managing a portfolio of real estate and rental agreements in Norway. Telenor Real Estate is fully owned by Telenor and employs around 10 employees. Its head office is located at Fornebu, Norway.

Telenor Maritime

Since 2004 Telenor Maritime has been at the forefront of developing and defining secure connectivity standards for the maritime business. Today it is the leading global communications partner at sea, serving in excess of 100 ship owners, and 30 million people on board more than 500 vessels and offshore installations worldwide. Headquartered in Arendal, Norway, Telenor Maritime has offices in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Telenor Maritime website

Telenor Satellite

Telenor Satellite is a satellite operator with three main business areas: broadcasting in the Nordic region, broadcasting in Central Europe, and data services (VSAT) primarily to the European maritime market. The company operates a fleet of three satellites, THOR 5, THOR 6 and THOR 7, and owns a portion of the Intelsat satellite 10-02, all at the prime orbital position 1° West.

Telenor Satellite works closely with direct-to-home (DTH) providers and channel owners across the Nordics and Central Eastern Europe to provide satellite broadcasting services.  Through its network of more than 50 resellers, Telenor Satellite serves the European maritime sector and customers in the Middle East with high quality data services. The company is led by Morten Tengs and has around 115 employees in Norway and the UK.

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Allente is a leading distributor of entertainment and connectivity services to households and enterprises in the Nordic region, with around 1,150,000 customers. Allente provides its services on various platforms, including DTH (through transmission capacity from Telenor Satellite) and IPTV (through fibre broadband connections). Linear TV is complemented by attractive streaming services.

Allente is the result of a merger between Canal Digital and Viasat Consumer Business conducted in May 2020, and is owned 50 percent each by Telenor and Nordic Entertainment Group. The company’s CEO is Bjørn Ivar Moen. Allente has around 290 employees across the Nordic region.

Telenor Global Services

Telenor Global Services is Telenor Group’s international connectivity provider, connecting external customers and all Telenor Mobile Network Operators to the world. The international traffic volumes generated to and from the Telenor footprint are offered to around 600 global external customers and partners worldwide, to secure global reach with managed quality. High quality interconnect services are offered within the main solution areas of voice, roaming, messaging, wholesale as a service and internet access connectivity services. The head office of Telenor Global Services is located at Fornebu, Norway, and the regional sales offices are located in Dubai, Singapore and Karlskrona in Sweden.

The Telenor Global Services website

Norkring Belgium

Norkring Belgium provides terrestrial broadcasting services (DTT and DAB) and co-location services through its tower infrastructure in Flanders, Belgium.


A different kind of videoconferencing service, Whereby is on a mission to give people flexibility and freedom to live and work where they thrive. Originally started as a development project in Telenor under the name of, it was one of the first independent commercial services built on webRTC. It was spun out from Telenor and joined forces with Videonor in late 2017.

Telenor currently owns 23 percent of the company.

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Tellu IoT AS

Tellu is the result of the merger between Telenor’s health technology initiative and Tellu IoT AS.
Tellu offers welfare technology services that enable patient-centric healthcare in a coherent, easy-to-use-solution for healthcare providers. The company delivers services that include digital supervision, remote monitoring and remote control safety alarms to more than 130 municipalities in Norway and Sweden.

Telenor currently owns 43 percent of the company alongside Sintef Venture, Investinor and founders/employees.

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Working Group Two (WG2)

WG2 develops, deploys and operates mobile core networks on behalf of telecom operators. Their ambition is to make mobile subscription much more useful and relevant than it is today by giving mobile operators the ability to work the “Internet way”, delivering mobile core network functions as a service from the cloud.

WG2 has offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim. Telenor currently owns approximately 48 percent of the company alongside Digital Alpha, employees and board.

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Telenor has partnered with FJLabs in New York to invest in and incubate new and disruptive marketplace concepts. The investments are mainly early-stage. Two of the latest incubations include used cars marketplace Instacarro in Brazil and blue-collar jobs marketplace Merlin in the US.

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Gintel develops and markets advanced communication platforms that allow telecommunication service providers to deliver new and compelling mobile communication services to their business customers. Gintel’s core product is a cloud-based virtual PBX solution with scalable add-on modules, enabling businesses to communicate efficiently and professionally, both internally and externally. Gintel is headquartered in Trondheim and has around 45 employees. Telenor is the largest owner with a 45% equity stake.

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Strex is a mobile payment provider owned by the three Norwegian mobile network operators. The core offering is a “mobile digital wallet” linked to the mobile operators’ invoices, complemented by identification and customer dialogue services. Strex co-operates with around 1000 business customers, who use Strex’s payment solutions when offering their mobile content, information, charity, voting, transportation, and media services. Strex is headquartered in Oslo and has around 15 employees. Telenor is one of the two largest owners, with a 49% stake.

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BLDNG.AI is Norway’s leading Proptech company, delivering intelligent platform and connectivity solutions to property owners and facility management providers. Their BLDNG.AI data platform securely manages all data generated by customers’ buildings into an easily accessible application, providing customers with structured insight and information, allowing them to optimize, amongst others, energy efficiency, cleaning, and office utilization to save costs and improve user experience. BLDNG.AI is headquartered at Fornebu and has ten employees. Telenor is the sole owner, with a 100% stake.

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Carousell is a classifieds marketplace that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Carousell began in Singapore and is now present in eight markets across Southeast Asia. Carousell is backed by Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, and Sequoia Capital India. Telenor entered as a shareholder with a 32% equity stake through a merger of Telenor’s 701Search and Carousell in November 2019.

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