Art at Work

Art can be as inspiring and encouraging as it can be disturbing and provocative. By focusing on architecture, design and visual arts, Telenor aims to ensure the well-being and creativity of its people.

Telenor’s vision for the headquarters

The Telenor headquarters at Fornebu is inspired by the interplay between people, technology and the surroundings. The focus on these three elements helps create a more efficient, innovative and flexible organization. The main office is, and shall be, a platform for the continuous development of Telenor. Telenor’s headquarters has received international attention due to its architecture, integration of artwork and innovative office layout.

More exciting facts and an overview of the recognitions

The Telenor Art Collection

The art collection consists of more than 700 works by contemporary artists who are part of the international art scene. It consists of fixed as well as mobile installations and works of art.

Watch examples of works and presentation of artists

The Telenor Fornebu experience

Walking in and around the Telenor headquarters outside Oslo is very much like walking through a museum of international contemporary art. The multi-coloured pillars of French artist Daniel Buren on the main square are surrounded by inclining glass and steel façades, warm light from across the Oslo Fjord exposes a giant aluminium sculpture inside the office building (“Half an Angel” by Maria Miesenberger) and a neon-red LED-display shows provocative statements streaming across the main façade in Jenny Holzer’s text installation. Everywhere you look, Telenor Fornebu astonishes you with its monumental, yet deeply personal aesthetic expression.

Aesthetic work environment

We like to care for our people by surrounding them with art. Our vision is to inspire people with museum quality art, located, not in a museum, but in the office buildings and in their structures. There are fixed and moveable installations in the halls, lobbies, stairways, restaurants and meeting rooms, creating a genuinely aesthetic environment that our employees, customers and the public at large can all benefit from. And it works. According to a study carried out by the independent research group SINTEF, employee satisfaction with the physical work environment has increased since the new headquarters opened in 2002.

Local art, global contact

Since 1998 Telenor has been collecting works of international contemporary art. Individual works of art can be loaned to other companies within the Telenor Group and to galleries and museums. The local organisations are, however, responsible for purchasing art to cover their own needs. The art should maintain the same high quality, museum standard as the Central Collection in Norway. Local organisations are advised to enlist the help of professionals.

We want art to be a priority in all our operating countries, as it is, for instance, in Hungary and Serbia. Both Telenor Hungary and Telenor Serbia are directly involved in art and cultural activities and have a growing art collections.