About Group Security

Who we are

Security is at the core of our business with an international team working at a strategic level within Telenor Group and local security organisations in all our Business Units.  Our experts are working within several areas like cyber security, security in telecom networks, digital services, physical security, security intelligence, service fraud, communication and security awareness.

Why we are here

Our main task is to protect Telenor against crime and attacks by safeguarding our assets, and to ensure that the products and services we are providing to our customers are reliable and secure. Security for our customers is always at the core of our business. Beyond keeping our customers and business safe, our mission is to enable Telenor’s digital transformation, and through high quality secure services, improve our customers’ digital journey.

What we do

Security in Telenor includes Physical Security, Information Security and Service Fraud, with a strong focus on Cyber Security across all three domains. We have a security perspective integrated at all levels of our business and services. In one end, we have security experts working to ensure a strong defence against cyber-attacks against our critical infrastructure. In the other end, our security intelligence experts work to provide us with the big picture of the threats we are facing and enable us to take a proactive approach to them. We recognise that Telenor’s digital journey poses increasing challenges in terms of security, but we also believe in turning challenges into opportunities. Therefore, our dedicated colleagues within our Security Development team continuously work to create and develop opportunities for Telenor within the security domain.

As you can see, security in Telenor is global, interdisciplinary and ambitious!