Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the management of the Telenor Group and the proper organisation of its operations.

Gunn Wærsted

Chair of the Board

  • Appointed: 14 January 2016
  • Stocks: 12 000
  • Member of committee: People and Governance (Chair), Innovation and Technology 

Background: Gunn Wærsted was born in 1955 and lives in Oslo, Norway. She most recently served as Executive Vice President and member of the Group Executive Management in Nordea Bank and Country Senior Executive in Nordea Bank Norway (until 2016). During her career, she has held a number of senior executive positions within banking and insurance, among these are positions as CEO of SpareBank 1 Gruppen and the SpareBank 1 Alliansen, Group Executive Vice President of DNB and CEO of Vital Forsikring. Gunn Wærsted is Chair of the Board of Petoro and has previously been a board member of Statoil, Statkraft and Ferd Holding.

Education: Master in Business and Economics (siviløkonom) from BI Norwegian Business School.

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Jørgen Kildahl

Vice Chair of the Board

  • Appointed: 10 May 2017, elected for a period up to two years from 2017
  • Stocks: 2 000
  • Member of committee: Risk and Audit, Sustainability and Compliance

Background: Jørgen Kildahl was born in Norway in 1963 and lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Höegh LNG and eSmart Systems. Kildahl has previously served as a member of the Board of Management in E.ON SE, and as an Executive Vice President in Statkraft. He has also been a partner in the PR consulting group Geelmuyden Kiese.

Education: Kildahl holds a business degree (siviløkonom) and a MBA in Finance from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.

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Grethe Viksaas

Board member

  • Appointed: 10 May 2017, elected for a period up to two years from 2017
  • Stocks:
  • Member of committee: Risk and Audit, Sustainability and Compliance

Background: Grethe Viksaas was born in Norway in 1958 and lives in Oslo. Ms. Viksaas has had a long career in Northern European managed services provider Basefarm AS – first as founder, CEO and from 2016 as working chair. Prior to her career in Basefarm, Viksaas served as CEO for SOL System AS and Infostream ASP. Viksaas has experience from numerous board positions, including Zenitel Group, and Inmeta-Crayon. She currently serves on the boards of Norsk Regnesentral and IKT-Norge, as well as various startup companies.

Education: Ms. Viksaas has a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Oslo.

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Jacob Aqraou

Board member

  • Appointed: 11 May 2016, elected for a period up to two years from 2016
  • Stocks: 10 000
  • Member of committee: Innovation and Technology (Chair), People and Governance

Background: Jacob Aqraou was born in Denmark in 1972 and lives in Switzerland. Mr. Aqraou had a long career at eBay including positions as Senior Vice President of Europe Middle East and Africa, and General Manager eBay Classifieds Group. Prior to joining eBay in 2002, Aqraou was the founder of Finexia and has also worked in investment banking and management consulting.

Education: Aqraou holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School, as well as a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

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Jon Erik Reinhardsen

Board member

  • Appointed: 14 May 2014, re-elected for a period up to two years from 2017
  • Stocks: 0
  • Member of committee: Risk and Audit (Chair), People and Governance

Background: Jon Erik Reinhardsen was born in 1956 and lives in Oslo, Norway. Mr. Reinhardsen was CEO of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) from April 2008 to September 2017. Prior to joining PGS, he has held executive positions in Alcoa, Aker Kvaerner and Aker Maritime. Reinhardsen is a member of the Board of Directors in Awilhelmsen Management AS, Borregaard ASA and Oceaneering International, Inc. He has served on the Board of Directors of Cameron International Corp (2009-2016), Hoegh Autoliners AS (2006-2014) and Hoegh LNG Holdings Ltd (2006-2014).

Education: Master in Applied Mathematics and Geophysics from the University of Bergen, Norway. In 1991, he completed the International Executive Program at the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sally Davis

Board member

  • Appointed: 23 November 2011, re-elected for a period up to two years from 2017
  • Stocks: 0
  • Member of committee: Sustainability and Compliance (Chair), Innovation and Technology

Background: Sally Davis was born in 1953 and lives in London, United Kingdom. She has worked in the global telecommunications industry for 30 years, working for start-up cable companies in the UK as well as strategy and global operational roles based in the US and UK for Cable & Wireless, Verizon and BT. Sally Davis has held several executive positions in British Telecom Group since 1999, including President BT Global Services and CEO of BT Wholesale. Ms. Davis has also held leadership positions in Bell Atlantic and Mercury Communications. She is on the boards of Logitech, Switzerland and Cityfibre Holdings, UK. Previous Boards include Henderson Smaller Cap Investment Trust, Inet, an Italian hosting company; the UK Department for Transport and the BBC.

Education: B.A. Hons graduate and a Fellow of University College, London.

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Harald Stavn

Board member - employee representative

  • Appointed: 20 June 2000
  • Stocks: 6 213
  • Member of committee: Risk and Audit, People and Governance

Background: Harald Stavn, born 1954, joined Telenor in 1974 and has held various positions in the company. He is a board member of the Telenor Pension Fund (Telenor Pensjonskasse) and chair of the executive board of the Norwegian Society of Engineers, NITO, in Telenor.

Education: Technical education from the internal education system of Norwegian Telecom. Business economist from the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, Norway.

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Roger Rønning

Board member - employee representative

  • Appointed: 19 June 2017
  • Stocks: 3 071
  • Member of committee: Sustainability and Compliance

Background: Roger Rønning, born 1966, is chairman of the Union Negotia in Telenor in Norway, and has held this position since 2016. From 2007 to 2016 he has been employee representative for the union Negotia in Telenor Norway AS. He is a board member of the Telenor Pension Fund (Telenor Pensjonskasse)since 2016 and has been employed by Telenor since 1985.

Education: NKS IT and NKS Marketing (correspondence studies), and internal courses in Telenor.

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Sabah Qayyum

Board member - employee representative

  • Appointed: 19 June 2017
  • Stocks: 160
  • Member of committee: Innovation and Technology

Background: Sabah Qayyum born 1986, lives in Bærum, Norway. Startet in Telenor as a consultant in 2012. Have experience from different divisions in Telenor, latest Business. She is also employee representative for the union EL og IT for the division Technology in Telenor Norway and board member of EL og IT Telenor.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Oslo.

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Committees of the Board

The Board of Directors has established four committees of the Board: The People and Governance Committee, Risk and Audit Committee, Sustainability and Compliance Committee and Innovation and Technology Committee, which all are preparatory working committees of the Board.

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