Kaaren Hilsen

CEO of Telenor Sweden
  • Appointed: 1 March 2019

Background: Kaaren Hilsen, born 1972, first joined Telenor in 2000, and she has since then held a number of senior positions across the Nordics, Asia and Eastern Europe. Most recently she was Chief Financial Officer in Telenor Sweden (2013-2017) and then served as Group CFO for Betsson AB for a short period of time, before returning as CEO of Telenor Sweden (in 2019). Prior to that, she has held the positions as CEO (2011-2013) and Chief Financial Officer (2009-2011) for Telenor Montenegro. Her previous experience also includes investor relations and business management roles in Telenor’s Asian operations in Thailand and Singapore.

Education: Kaaren holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Nottingham Trent University, UK.