Esben Smistad

  • Term of office: Elected 7 May 2019 for a period of two years

Shares in Telenor ASA: 0

Year of birth, residence: Born 1985. Resident in Oslo, Norway.

Experience: Esben Smistad joined Telenor Norway, Business in 2007 as technical costumer support agent for large enterprise and managed services. Smistad has served as a full time union representative since 2015. Esben served as employee representative to the board of directors of Telenor Norway from 2015-2017. Before Telenor, Smistad has experience as employer and franchise owner of a convenience store. Member of the national executive board of the Norwegian Electrician and IT workers union, and treasurer of the regional branch. Smistad is chair of the ICT-branch and convener of Electrician and IT workers union in Telenor.

Education: Forsøksgymnaset High School Oslo and Waldorf School of Trondheim. Studies labor law at Studieforbundet AOF Norge.