Telenor Awards

Telenor awards the International Culture Prize and the Digital Winner Prize to people and/or organisations who have made exceptional contributions within the fields of culture and innovation.

The Telenor International Culture Prize – “Boundless communication”

For Telenor art is an integral part of the work environment. We create our own cultural concepts and encounters. Since 1995 Telenor has awarded a prize for outstanding performances in music, film, literature, visual or performing arts, etc. In recent years the focus of the Culture Prize has shifted from national to international contributions to culture. The prize is worth NOK 500,000.

Culture prize winners:

The Telenor Digital Winner Prize

Through the Digital Winner Prize, Telenor wishes to stimulate the development of digital winners offering innovative services and products for the mass market and the different distribution platforms in the Nordic region. The Telenor Digital Winner Prize is based on a merger of Telenor Nordic Research and Innovation prize (yearly granted from 1997 until 2009) and Telenor Digital Winner Prize (handed out in 2008).

The prize is 200.000 NOK for the winner(s) and business development with Telenor Comoyo (in a given period) with the goal of distribution through Telenor consumer operations.

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Telenor Digital Winner Prize winners: