A string of network innovations in Denmark

Telenor Denmark is set to serve the Danish customers’ huge appetite for data with the strong network, 4G voice, WiFi calling and 4G+ internet speeds.

Written: Dec 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Data consumption rockets

Danes have a huge appetite for mobile data – from January to October 2015 mobile data consumption in Telenor network increased 46 percent, driven by streaming services such as Netflix, HBO and YouTube. In the coming years, Telenor Denmark will focus on 4G and close down the 3G technology by 2020/2021.

“Our customers in Denmark love 4G, they like the speed and the flexibility to use their favorite internet applications whenever and wherever they want. 4G helps them to benefit from the internet and make their day more efficient and fun. We want to enable the best possible internet experience for our customers with a strong network,” says Telenor Denmark’s CEO Jesper Hansen.

Focus on strong network and coverage

At the end of 2015 Telenor Denmark covers 95 percent of the country with 3G and 80 percent with 4G network, while in terms of demographical coverage 4G reaches 94 percent of population. By 2020/2021 the company aims to ensure as good coverage on 4G as it is today on 3G.

In 2016 only, Telenor Denmark will build 660 new 4G transmitters to increase the geographical 4G coverage. The main priority will be the motorways, main roads and the countryside, since the 4G coverage in the cities is overall good.

Impeccable call quality with 4G voice and WiFi calling

4G is not only about surfing on internet – it is also an opportunity to ensure excellent call quality. In 2015, Telenor was the first operator in Denmark to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE), enabling voice calls over its 4G network.

“It is great to be on the forefront of mobile network innovation. This has not always been the case, but we are there now and probably have been for some time by building on our successful network sharing with Telia in Denmark. In addition to introducing interesting features to our customers, VoLTE is important as the foundation for a data-centric future and Telenor Denmark being a technology leader in the years to come,” says Peter Nødbak, Network Dirctor in Telenor Denmark.

With 4G voice the time to initiate a call is drastically reduced to 1 second and the sound quality is much better than on ordinary 3G call.

This is also a stepping stone on the road to Voice over WiFi, also known as WiFi calling. WiFi calling enables voice calls over WiFi routers and thus has potential to improve indoor voice coverage. Telenor Denmark plans to launch wifi calling in 2016.

Even more capacity and speed to the biggest cities

Last week Telenor Denmark also rolled out carrier aggregation (also known as CA or 4G+) to 430 of its cell towers in five major cities. For customers, this means double capacity and speed on mobile broadband. While the theoretical speed on 4G/LTE is up to 150 Mbit/second, it is up to 300 Mbit/second with 4G+.