A day in the life: flexible work in Finland

Our way of work is changing, but for the employees at DNA in Finland, flexible work is nothing new

Written: Jun 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Flexible work has become one of those hot-button issues of late, generating support, challenges and lots of healthy debate across traditional media and social. What, though, does a flexible day really look like? The folks at Finnish telco DNA have been leading the global pack by operating flexibly for 8 years now, so who better to show us what a typical flexible workday looks like?

Julia’s flexible work-day

We reached out to Julia Arko, a marketing specialist in DNA’s B2C marketing team to show us a what a typical work-day looks like for her. Julia has been at DNA for just over a year and works on developing content, customer insight and strategy for the company’s social media channels. She digs DNA’s “working spirit, can-do attitude and our easy remote working.” Oh yeah, and she lives by the sea where she sometimes hops to a picnic table on the nearest island for a change of scene and, when she’s done with the working day, to practice her favourite hobby: sailing.

1. My day starts with coffee in my usual home office.

I scan emails with my fluffy workmate and check today’s plan.

3. DNA’s new commercial is playing on TV, so I celebrated that with the sound up!

4. First meeting at 9:00 with our marketing team to align on summer’s marketing plan.

5. Time to approve social media content for the new marketing campaign. Looks good, right?

6. I moved to my second office to the nearest island. Lots of work to do, and nice surroundings to do it in.

7. Next meeting: planning our summer sale campaign.

8. More emails, writing, social media posts, excels and photo shoot planning.

9. Quick walk-and-talk meeting with our brand manager, Elina, to continue planning for our internal event.

10. Last meeting of the day with our Insight Manager on our new survey to improve our social media customer insight.

11. Workday done! A change of clothes and I’m off to a sailing race with my team.