Our commitment

Telenor Group strives to maximise the impact of telecommunications, create shared value for society and shape a sustainable future.

Our commitment


Our business matters. Telecommunications has significant potential to add value to people`s lives, contribute to social and economic growth, create a positive impact in society, and help shape a sustainable future. At the Telenor Group, our CR efforts rest on two key strategic pillars: extending the benefits of mobile communications across all our markets and integrating responsible business practices in all aspects of our operations.

Extending the benefits of mobile communications

We focus on creating sustainable initiatives that create long-term value both for our target groups as well as Telenor. Our CR initiatives are built on our core competence – communications. We focus our efforts in  three key areas that create shared value for Telenor and society.

Responsible business

Telenor Group strives to focus on responsible business practices across all of its markets. Our main goals are to ensure continuous improvements in all areas where we identify challenges and to comply with all relevant international standards. Responsible business practices in the Telenor Group are centred on three core areas:

Environmental management – Identify and manage environmental impacts in line with international standards and ensure compliance with Group Policies and Procedures. Telenor’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is one example of our efforts in this area.

Social – Identify and manage social impacts of Telenor’s business, such as human rights impacts and supply chain follow-up, and mitigate potential risks. For example, our Business Assurance function focuses on risk reduction and follow-up of Telenor’s supply chain. We also seek to actively manage the human rights impacts from our business activities towards our customers and our employees.

Governance – Ensure adherence to high standards for business ethics and internationally proclaimed human and labour rights. Our key governance documents include our Codes of Conduct and Supplier Conduct Principles. The group-wide “Telenor Way” initiative is our main vehicle for implementing these internally. Telenor Way is an awareness programme that links the different elements of Telenor’s corporate culture and defines how we do business across our Business Units, guided by Telenor’s Vision and Values, Codes of Conduct, Group Policies and Procedures.

Human Rights

Telenor is committed to respecting human rights as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, Children’s Rights and Business Principles, the UN Global Compact 10 Principles. These principles, along with Telenor’s Code of Conduct, Policies, Supplier Conduct Principles and Vision & Values, provide the Telenor Group with a common approach as to how we treat each other, how we serve our customers, how we run our business and what we believe our role to be in the societies where we operate.

As a global company, Telenor acknowledges that we do face human rights challenges in markets where we operate. We believe in working proactively to assess potential risk areas, and in situations where we uncover challenges, we do our best to apply the higher standard.

We acknowledge that difficult human rights issues must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and the appropriate responses to human rights challenges cannot always be easily extracted from the UN Framework or other relevant sources. We also believe that dialogue between governments, the industry, NGOs and others has great value when facing human rights challenges.

Social contributions

In addition to our focus on extending the benefits of mobile communications, Telenor contributes to society through selected social investments. The company’s social investments are focused on long-term partnerships that can contribute to lasting change. One example is our partnership with UNICEF to combat child labour in Bangladesh.

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We also frequently contribute to emergency relief efforts in our markets, both at Group level and at the individual Telenor Business Unit level. For example, Telenor Pakistan has developed an internal team of trained emergency response personnel.

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