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14 December 2006
1:31 pm (CEST)

Telenor launches Windows Live Messenger for mobile phones

Microsoft and Telenor combine to launch the world's most popular instant messaging service, Windows Live Messenger, for mobile phones. Telenor is the first to offer this service to Norwegian mobile users.

12 December 2006
9:45 am (CEST)

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting release Request For Proposal (RFP) for new satellite

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting has approved the release of a Request for Proposal for a new satellite to replace THOR III, which is set to retire in 2010. THOR III was launched in 1998, equipped with 15 transponders and currently services the Nordic and CEE regions.

9 December 2006
12:55 pm (CEST)

Nobel Peace Prize laureates met with Telenor CEO

Telenor invited Nobel Peace Prize laureates Professor Yunus and representatives from Grameen Bank to Telenor's headquarters on Saturday morning.

2 December 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Pannon Wins “Style in the Business” Award

The Budapest Business Journal selected Hungarian mobile operator Pannon GSM for the 2006 "Style in Business" award because of its social contributions through the Példakép Foundation and various programmes to support healthcare institutions.


19 November 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

DiGi Awarded for its Cultural Work

DiGi has received recognition from the Malaysian Government for its efforts to preserve the national cultural heritage. DiGi's corporate responsibility programme "Amazing Malaysians" was awarded the Anugerah Pendukung Seni (Sektor Korporat). This was the first time a corporation received the award.

9 November 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Pannon Receives Business Ethics Award

Pannon was awarded this year's Business Ethics Award. The award recognizes Pannon's ethical behaviour towards its employees, customers, business partners and the environment as well as its corporate citizenship efforts.

8 November 2006
2:52 pm (CEST)

Telenor to sell minority share in Bravida

On Monday 30 October, Telenor and the other principal shareholders in Bravida ASA and Trition entered into an agreement that Triton shall acquire full ownership of Bravida. Telenor holds a 46,9 per cent ownership interest in Bravida, which offers piping, electricity and ventilation services.

6 November 2006
12:02 pm (CEST)

Telenor launches free calls between company mobile phones

From 1 November all Telenor's business customers will be able to call other mobile phones within their company for free.

5 November 2006
11:00 am (CEST)

GrameenPhone reaches 10 million mobile subscribers

GrameenPhone Ltd., the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh, where Telenor has a 62 per cent owner share, has reached 10 million mobile subscribers. The achievement coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company receiving the operating license in November 1996.

3 November 2006
11:01 am (CEST)

Aker and Telenor enter into new cooperation agreement

Telenor has entered into an agreement with Aker Kværner to supply mobile telephony solutions for approximately 4,000 employees in the group.


31 October 2006
11:43 am (CEST)

Massive increase in broadband traffic – Telenor to launch new speeds

Internet usage is becoming increasingly advanced, and since June last year we have seen almost a doubling of broadband traffic from Telenor's customers. In response to this, Telenor is once again increasing the speed of its most popular broadband subscriptions in the consumer market.

27 October 2006
9:07 am (CEST)

djuice to give away 650,000 songs in November

During November, djuice will give away 650,000 free songs to mobile users. At the same time, djuice will present a new visual profile and reduce prices for several of its mobile subscriptions.

26 October 2006
8:40 am (CEST)

Telenor Satellite Services to be acquired by Apax Partners

On Wednesday 25 October 2006, Telenor entered into a definitive agreement with Apax Partners France for the sale of Telenor Satellite Services (TSS) to funds managed by Apax Partners for a cash consideration of USD 400 million (NOK 2,640 million). Since 2002 Telenor has defined Telenor Satellite Services as non-core business. Apax Partners intends to pursue the development of the company in Norway and abroad.

26 October 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Third quarter 2006: Continued strong growth in revenues and profits

In the third quarter of 2006, Telenor's revenues increased by 35 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2005, reaching NOK 23.9 billion. The underlying revenue growth was 12 per cent. The reported EBITDA was NOK 9.1 billion while profit before taxes was NOK 6.1 billion. During the quarter, the total number of mobile subscriptions increased by nine million, reaching 105 million.

24 October 2006
1:38 pm (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s third quarter results 2006

Telenor will present its financial results for the third quarter 2006 on Thursday 26 October 2006 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 07:00 CET.

17 October 2006
9:16 am (CEST)

Telenor won Sonofon tax case

In its decision of 17 October 2006, the Norwegian Supreme Court ruled in favour of Telenor, that the loss recognised upon internal sale of the shares in Sonofon Holding A/S was tax deductible in 2001. Thus, the Supreme Court upheld previous decisions made by Oslo City Court (Oslo Tingrett), and the Appeal Court (Borgarting Lagmanssrett).

13 October 2006
2:51 pm (CEST)

Telenor: – Deep admiration for Mohammad Yunus

"We are proud and extremely happy that our partner for more than 10 years, Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank have received this year's Nobel Peace Prize," says Telenor's President and CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

9 October 2006
8:35 am (CEST)

Telenor market leader in broadband telephony

Telenor is now market leader in broadband telephony in Norway. "We are proud to be number one in the market," says Berit Kjøll, Division Director in Telenor.

6 October 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Telenor Contributes to Earthquake-relief

Telenor has taken a series of steps to help the victims of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, i.e. contributing Rs 3.2 million to earthquake-affected children, offering free connection services for victims and running a broad fund-raising campaign in the media. Relief and reconstruction efforts must be maintained.

5 October 2006
9:15 am (CEST)

Telenor’s Research Prize 2006 to Professor Petri Mähönen

The Telenor Research Prize of NOK 250,000 has been awarded to Professor Petri Mähönen at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany. The winner was presented by Morten Karlsen Sørby, Head of Telenor's Nordic Operations at the Technoport Awards event in Trondheim 4th of October.

5 October 2006
8:42 am (CEST)

Telenor to offer the market’s best solution for families

Telenor wants to stand out as the most attractive mobile operator for families, and is making significant changes to the mobile subscription plan FriFamilie.

2 October 2006
8:43 am (CEST)

Telenor and the banking industry launch BankID for mobile phones

Oslo, 2 October 2006 - Telenor and the banking industry enter into a unique agreement to make life simpler for millions of Norwegians. Banking and payment services will be available via a mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.


28 September 2006
12:49 pm (CEST)

Telenor improves FriTid subscription plan

(Fornebu, 28 September 2006) Telenor is cutting the price of its FriTid mobile subscription plan for those who use their mobiles frequently during evenings and at weekends.

27 September 2006
11:31 am (CEST)

Mobile broadband: Sonofon launches 3G

Mobile broadband: Sonofon launches 3G

26 September 2006
11:31 am (CEST)

Best in class: Telenor Investor Relations

Telenor received both the prize for "Best Overall Performance" and the prize for "Best IR Team" when The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts today presented the Stockman prize for 2006. The prize is awarded yearly to stock listed companies in Norway with the best performance on financial and investor information.

19 September 2006
9:18 am (CEST)

Telenor’s Culture Award goes to the International Museum of Children’s Art

Telenor's Culture Award for 2006 has been presented to the International Museum of Children's Art. The Museum has been awarded a sum of NOK 250,000 for its efforts to collect, conserve and promote children's art from all around the world. The award ceremony was held in Bærum Kulturhus on Monday night.

12 September 2006
9:07 am (CEST)

100 million subscriptions

Nine times the height of Mount Everest - that is how high a stack of 100 million sim-cards reaches, although each sim-card is only 0,8 mm thick. On Monday evening, the customer who bought Telenor's subscription number 100 million was celebrated in Budapest, Hungary.

7 September 2006
3:01 pm (CEST)

Telenor recognised for sustainability

For the second consecutive year, Telenor is ranked number two on Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Telenor has now figured on the index ranking the 24 leading telecommunications companies worldwide for five years.

7 September 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Telenor Excels on Dow Jones

For the fifth consecutive year, Telenor has achieved a world leading position on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI).

6 September 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Making 3G More Affordable

At the 2006 3GSM Asia congress, Telenor clarified its intentions on how to offer mobile communication to those not yet connected.

2 September 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Telenor Engages Schools in ICT Effort

In 2005, Telenor made a major contribution to Norwegian schools through the Telenor Jubilee Project, celebrating its 150th anniversary. Telenor donated computers, programs and games to promote the ICT proficiency and media literacy of school children.


31 August 2006
11:09 am (CEST)

Telenor officially takes over Serbian Mobi 63 and announces its new CEO

Following its acquisition of Serbian mobile operator Mobi 63, Telenor ASA has today officially taken over the company having successfully completed all legal requirements as stipulated by the Sales Purchase Agreement. At the ceremony attended by Serbian officials including President Boris Tadic, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic, Minister of Economy Predrag Bubalo, Minister of Capital Investments Velimir Ilic, Telenor ASA has assumed full ownership of Mobi 63 from the Serbian Government. At the same occasion, Telenor also announced a new management team for the company, to be headed by Stein-Erik Vellan as CEO. The new management will assume their positions effective from 1 September.

24 August 2006
2:13 pm (CEST)

Telenor signs partnership with The Cloud Nordic to offer WiFi access to its customers across 4 countries

Fornebu, 24 August, 2006 - Telenor and The Cloud, Europe's leading WiFi network operator, have entered into an agreement to offer wireless broadband Internet access at more than 8000 Cloud wireless public hotspots around Europe including airports, hotels, city zones and railway stations across Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

17 August 2006
2:31 pm (CEST)

Telenor signs large-scale agreement with DaimlerChrysler Services Fleetboard

Telenor Sweden has signed an agreement with DaimlerChrysler Services Fleetboard concerning fleet management services. All trucks with Fleetboard system will be equipped with Swedish SIM cards from Telenor. Telenor already has agreements with Volvo and Scania, but the agreement with DaimlerChrysler Services Fleetboard is an enormous breakthrough on the international market.

16 August 2006
10:08 am (CEST)

New mobile subscription plan for business customers

Telenor is now introducing Bedrift Proff, a mobile subscription plan for active business customers who make frequent calls. The minute rate for Bedrift Proff is NOK 0.39, and the monthly fee is NOK 199.


31 July 2006
11:15 am (CEST)

Telenor acquires Mobi 63 in Serbia

Telenor has won the auction in Serbia for a 100 per cent share of mobile operator Mobi 63, one of two mobile operations in Serbia.

24 July 2006
2:18 pm (CEST)

Telenor intensifies repair work after Relacom strike

Telenor is pleased to learn that the strike in Relacom, which is one of the company's largest suppliers of installation services in Norway, is over. All efforts are now being made in order to reduce the present waiting time for delivery and error correcting.

21 July 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Telenor second quarter 2006: revenue growth of 37 per cent

In the second quarter of 2006, Telenor's revenues increased by 37 per cent compared to the second quarter of 2005, reaching NOK 22.6 billion. The underlying revenue growth was 12 per cent and the EBITDA margin increased from 34 to 35 per cent. Profit before taxes was NOK 3.9 billion. During the second quarter, the total number of mobile subscriptions increased by six million, reaching 96 million.

19 July 2006
11:27 am (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s second quarter results 2006

Telenor will present its financial results for the second quarter 2006 on Friday 21 July 2006 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 07:00 CET.

17 July 2006
3:46 pm (CEST)



14 July 2006
11:55 am (CEST)

Norkring and NTV enter transmission network agreement

has chosen Norkring AS as a full-range supplier of the digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) network for television in Norway. The agreement involves development and operation of the transmission network for 15 years.

7 July 2006
4:21 pm (CEST)

Telenor acquires Maritime Communication Partner

On Wednesday, Telenor acquired the remaining 61.3 per cent of shares in Maritime Communication Partnern (MCP), thereby obtaining a 100 per cent stake in the mobile operator. MCP is considered one of the leading global suppliers of mobile communication to ferries and cruise ships, a market which is growing rapidly.


21 June 2006
3:29 pm (CEST)

Mobile telephone bills important to young people – and they want better control

A survey carried out for Telenor by Opinion shows that young mobile phone users prioritise paying their mobile bill above, for example, a night out or buying snacks. More than a third of them also say they want better control over their mobile bills, so in response to this, today Telenor announced a new subscription called djuice control.

14 June 2006
3:18 pm (CEST)

New letter to VimpelCom shareholders

Telenor today found it necessary to send a new letter to VimpelCom shareholders.

14 June 2006
12:50 pm (CEST)

Mobile phone music off to a good start

Telenor's new mobile music service has got off to a good start: "Since the service was introduced in mid-April, weekly sales have been growing rapidly, with downloading of music to mobile phones now accounting for approximately five to ten per cent of the digital music market in Norway," says Jon Erik Haug, director of Consumer Mobile at Telenor.

13 June 2006
7:00 am (CEST)

Promonte Helps Victims

Promonte and Telenor last week donated EUR 120.000 in immediate support to the victims of Montenegro's worst train accident ever.

9 June 2006
1:43 pm (CEST)

Telenor to launch second generation broadband

: On Monday 12 June, Telenor launches second generation broadband - built on ADSL2+ technology. Customers in both the Consumer and Business Markets will be offered up to 16,000 kbit/s broadband speeds from Telenor. Telenor also launches a Mini/extended coverage product, which will give even more people access to broadband.

6 June 2006
2:16 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s letter to VimpelCom shareholders regarding election of Board members

Ahead of the upcoming annual general meeting in VimpelCom 23 June, Telenor has sent a letter to VimpelCom shareholders urging them to vote for Telenor's independent nominees to the Board of Directors, Jo Lunder and Larry Zielke.

1 June 2006
9:57 am (CEST)

Telenor to support IT training programme for civil servants in Ukraine

On Wednesday, the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy celebrated the opening of a high-tech IT laboratory sponsored by Telenor. The laboratory was opened as part of "Democracy and Public Service Capacity Building in Ukraine", which is a training programme for Ukrainian civil servants.


31 May 2006
8:13 am (CEST)

Telenor Cinclus enters into agreement with Fortum

On Wednesday, Telenor Cinclus, a subsidiary of the Norwegian telecommunications provider Telenor, entered into an agreement to deliver automatic meter reading solutions to the energy company Fortum. Over a period of ten years, the potential sales value of the agreement is more than SEK 2 billion.

29 May 2006
9:56 pm (CEST)

Strike at Telenor called off

The 623 members of EL & IT Forbundet (Electricians' and IT workers' Union) at Telenor who were called on strike are now returning to their jobs after the parties reached an agreement late Monday afternoon.

23 May 2006
5:44 pm (CEST)

Annual General Meeting_55

The Annual General Meeting of Telenor ASA was held today, Tuesday 23 May 2006, at Fornebu. All proposals on the agenda were adopted, cf. notice of the Annual General Meeting that was sent to Oslo Stock Exchange on 4 May 2006.

22 May 2006
5:37 pm (CEST)

10 May 2006
11:37 pm (CEST)

To the editorial offices: Press conference in Stockholm cancelled

The previously announced press conference in Stockhom, scheduled for Thursday 11 May at 11:00 CET, is unfortunately cancelled due to unresolved details in the agreement.

10 May 2006
3:35 pm (CEST)

To the editorial offices: Ref.: Press conference in Stockholm on Thursday 11 May at 11:00 CET.

An inaccurate invitation to a press conference, to be staged by one of Telenor's subsidiaries, was issued on Wednesday morning. The invitation text referred to "an agreement with a total value of several billion Swedish kroner". We can confirm that negotiations are ongoing between Telenor and a Nordic public-listed company relating to a contract with a potential turnover of more than SEK 2 billion during a period of ten years.

10 May 2006
9:48 am (CEST)

Strike at Telenor

The EL & IT Forbundet (Electricians' and IT workers' Union) at Telenor has authorised a strike affecting approx. 455 of its members in Norway from 10 May 2006. The strike will affect various units of Telenor and Opplysningen 1881 (Directory Services) all over the country, but the bulk of the employees on strike are based in the Oslo/Akershus region.

9 May 2006
1:09 pm (CEST)

AGA signs major Nordic agreement with Telenor

Gas supplier AGA has chosen Telenor to be its total supplier of telephony services for the company's operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

5 May 2006
1:33 pm (CEST)

Agrikjøp renews and extends communication agreement with Telenor

: The agricultural purchasing organisation Agrikjøp has renewed and extended a framework agreement with Telenor covering the provision of voice communication solutions. The agreement runs for two years and is worth over NOK 100 million a year.

4 May 2006
8:05 am (CEST)

Results for the first quarter 2006: strong growth and higher profits

In the first quarter of 2006, Telenor's revenues increased by 43 per cent compared to the first quarter of 2005, reaching NOK 21.9 billion. The underlying revenue growth was 15 per cent. Profit before taxes was NOK 5.9 billion. During the quarter, the total number of mobile subscriptions increased by 7 million, reaching 90 million.

3 May 2006
8:54 am (CEST)

To the editorial offices: Telenor’s annual report is available_20

Telenor ASA's annual report for 2005 is now available in electronic version on and A printed version of Telenor's accounts and the report of the Board of Directors is available in Norwegian and English and will be distributed to Telenor's shareholders.

2 May 2006
9:58 am (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s first quarter results 2006

Telenor will present its financial results for the first quarter 2006 on Thursday 4 May 2006 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 08:00 CET.


21 April 2006
12:35 pm (CEST)



21 April 2006
11:09 am (CEST)

Biased mobile price regulations to continue

The Ministry for Transport and Communications has rejected Telenor's objections to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority's (PT) decision relating to regulations of call termination charges in the Norwegian mobile market. This decision increases the already discriminatory practice in the Norwegian mobile market.

4 April 2006
3:55 pm (CEST)

Vodafone Sweden changes its name to Telenor

With a common profile and a commitment to always keep the customer at heart, Telenor will now pose a serious challenge to Telia in the Swedish and Nordic telecoms markets. During the spring of 2006, Vodafone Sweden will change its name to Telenor and in the summer customers will start noticing the changes, as new offers are introduced.

4 April 2006
2:40 pm (CEST)

TV 2 Interaktiv and Telenor to broadcast all Tippeligaen matches live on the Internet and to your mobile phone

On Tuesday, TV 2 Interaktiv and Telenor launch solutions that allow for an entirely new way to follow Tippeligaen (Norway's "Premier League") and Norwegian football. Together with Norsk Toppfotball (NTF), they now present - the football portal which will become Norway's leading meeting place for those interested in football.

4 April 2006
11:53 am (CEST)

Telenor and NTC to cooperate in Egypt

Telenor announced Tuesday a partnership with National Telecommunications Holding Corporation (NTC) in connection with the third mobile license in Egypt.

3 April 2006
2:34 pm (CEST)

CMD 2006

Telenor Capital Markets Day 2006


28 March 2006
8:42 am (CEST)

Telenor controls 96.6 per cent of the shares in Glocalnet

As the announced offer period for all outstanding shares in the Swedish broadband provider Glocalnet expires, Telenor now controls 96.6 per cent of the total shareholding in the company. In order to give latecomers a chance to take up the offer, Telenor has extended the offer period until 21 April, but will initiate the process of delisting the company as soon as possible.

20 March 2006
8:15 am (CEST)

Telenor Proposes that VimpelCom Acquire Kyivstar for Cash

(Fornebu, Norway, Moscow, Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine - 20 March 2006) Telenor today proposed that Russian mobile operator VimpelCom acquire 100% of Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar for cash. Telenor believes that if the transaction is completed as proposed, it will be beneficial for Kyivstar, VimpelCom and VimpelCom's shareholders, as well as for Telenor's shareholders, and will create a framework for ending Alfa's attacks on Telenor's ownership interests in VimpelCom and Kyivstar.

17 March 2006
3:56 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s 2005 tax cost reduced

Telenor has today received a notification from the Norwegian Tax Authorities resulting in that Telenor, in 2003, realised a tax loss of approximately NOK 2.5 billion, in connection with a sale of shares in Telenor Business Solutions AS from Telenor Eiendom Holding AS, to Telenor Business Solutions Holding AS.

16 March 2006
3:14 pm (CEST)

Telenor proposes technical changes to Kyivstar Charter

The Supreme Court of Ukraine has rejected Telenor's appeal of a ruling by Ukraine's Higher Commercial Court regarding the Charter of Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar. To ensure that the Kyivstar Board continues to function in accordance with the Kyivstar Shareholders Agreement following such ruling, Telenor has proposed technical changes to the Charter.

15 March 2006
1:09 pm (CEST)

Telenor to introduce flat telephony rates

Telenor now introduces flat rates for ISDN and analogue telephony, along with new broadband and mobile telephony options at favourable rates. Telenor is changing its rates in an effort to offer customers even more attractive solutions, irrespective of which communications needs they have.

14 March 2006
12:01 pm (CEST)

Telenor sells its Inmarsat shares

Telenor has today sold 21 165 518 shares in Inmarsat PLC at £3.78 per share.

14 March 2006
11:40 am (CEST)

YIT enters into Nordic agreement with Telenor and Elisa

Together with Finnish partner Elisa, Telenor has entered into an agreement with construction services group YIT for supply of Nordic communications solutions. For Telenor, the contract is worth an estimated NOK 100 million.

14 March 2006
10:07 am (CEST)

Telenor’s acquisition of Glocalnet AB approved by competition authorities

On 8 February 2006, Telenor increased its ownership interest in Swedish broadband provider Glocalnet to 50.1 per cent. At the same time an offer was made for all outstanding shares in the company. The Swedish competition authority has now approved the acquisition.


24 February 2006
11:57 am (CEST)

Norwegian Olympic Record

Many people have discovered that the Turin Olympics are available on their mobile phones. Telenor has registered that Mobile TV has been accessed more than 200,000 times since the start of the Olympics and up until this Friday.

21 February 2006
3:26 pm (CEST)

Gives disabled people a better chance

A survey reveals that Telenor's Handicap Programme (HCP) has succeeded in becoming a springboard for physically disabled people who want to enter into working life.

17 February 2006
8:12 am (CEST)

Telenor to offer international top-up vouchers

Telenor extends its offering to customers on RingKontant and djuice kontant subscription plans. Customers can now top up their accounts by buying prepaid vouchers when travelling abroad.

16 February 2006
8:00 am (CEST)

Telenor – Fourth quarter and preliminary result for the year 2005 – significant growth continues

Compared to the previous year, Telenor's revenues increased by 13.8 per cent in 2005, to NOK 68.9 billion. Profit after taxes and minority interests increased by 14.1 per cent, compared to 2004, reaching NOK 7.0 billion. Compared to the same period last year, revenues increased by 25.5 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2005, reaching NOK 19.5 billion. Also in the fourth quarter, the EBITDA margin before other income and expenses increased to 35.1 per cent.

13 February 2006
3:52 pm (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s fourth quarter and year end results 2005

Telenor will present its financial results for the fourth quarter and preliminary results for 2005 on Thursday 16 February 2006 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 08:00 CET.

13 February 2006
2:28 pm (CEST)

Comments regarding VimpelCom’s proposed acquisition of Kyivstar

Key corporate governance issues have to be resolved before Telenor is willing to discuss a possible merger between VimpelCom and Kyivstar.

9 February 2006
7:11 am (CEST)

Telenor is changing – launches new brand identity

On Thursday, Telenor launched a new visual profile. A symbol of movement and change, the new logo signals the ongoing work of strengthening customer orientation in all parts of Telenor. The new Telenor brand identity also stands out in a competitive international market.

8 February 2006
5:21 pm (CEST)

Telenor holds 77.7 per cent of Glocalnet shares

Telenor has during the day purchased shares from several large shareholders in Glocalnet for SEK 4 per share. Telenor now controls 77.7 per cent of the company's shares. Quotz Asset Management and Ventelo Sverige are among the shareholders that have sold their shares to Telenor.

8 February 2006
4:07 pm (CEST)

Telenor to provide nationwide EDGE coverage

Telenor's GSM network has now been upgraded to offer EDGE. "This development means not just higher speed, but better coverage too. Telenor wants to provide the best coverage, which is why we're now proud to offer a mobile network that secures 3G services across the whole country," says Bjørn Amundsen, Director of Coverage.

8 February 2006
8:15 am (CEST)

Telenor Commences New York Arbitration against Alfa for Violating Kyivstar Shareholders Agreement

-- Telenor has commenced an arbitration proceeding against Alfa Group subsidiary Storm LLC in connection with Storm's violations of the Shareholders Agreement relating to Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar G.S.M.

8 February 2006
8:08 am (CEST)

Telenor to make offer for all outstanding shares in Glocalnet

Telenor has increased its shareholding in the Swedish broadband provider Glocalnet, while also issuing an offer for all outstanding shares in the company, for a cash consideration of SEK 4 per share.

7 February 2006
11:02 am (CEST)

SAS to prolong and extend agreement with Telenor

: Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has prolonged and extended its communications agreement with Telenor until 2010. The new agreement has a total value of approximately SEK 350 million, and involves supply of all fixed and mobile telephony to the SAS Group in Sweden, Denmark and Norway for the duration of the agreement period.

3 February 2006
2:32 pm (CEST)

Telenor Supports Exploration of Potential Strategic Alliances Between VimpelCom and Ukrainian Mobile Operators

- Telenor ASA today announced it would support cooperation - for example, a service provider agreement - between Russian mobile operator VimpelCom and Ukrainian mobile operators, including Kyivstar G.S.M. As a strong supporter of VimpelCom's expansion plans, Telenor also criticized Alfa-nominated Board members of VimpelCom for their failure to approve 2006 VimpelCom budgets for Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


30 January 2006
4:02 pm (CEST)

Tax authorities appealed Sonofon tax case

Telenor has today been informed that the tax authorities have appealed the Appeal Court's (Borgarting Lagmannsrett) decision of 21st December 2005. The Court ruled in favour of Telenor in respect to the tax losses which occurred from the intragroup sale of shares in Sonofon Holding A/S.

26 January 2006
8:35 am (CEST)

Telenor Commences Lawsuits in Russia

Telenor ASA today commenced three lawsuits in Moscow against Russian mobile operator VimpelCom, in which Telenor holds a 29.9% interest (26.6% of voting shares). The lawsuits describe how shareholder Alfa Group, together with VimpelCom management, bypassed VimpelCom's Board, circumvented minority shareholder protections in VimpelCom's charter, and violated Russian law in connection with the acquisition of Closed Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Radio Systems" (URS).

24 January 2006
6:49 pm (CEST)

President Musharraf thanks Telenor for contributions to Pakistan

On Tuesday, Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf visited Telenor's headquarters at Fornebu, Oslo. The visit of President Musharraf coincides with Telenor Pakistan exceeding 2 million customers after less than 11 months of operation.

24 January 2006
1:22 pm (CEST)

Telenor will continue consolidating Kyivstar

Telenor strongly opposes a ruling by the High Commercial Court in Ukraine, which questions the validity of parts of the shareholder agreement between Storm and Telenor and the Charter of Kyivstar. The ruling has been appealed to the Supreme Court in Ukraine and will not affect Telenor's consolidation of Kyivstar.

24 January 2006
11:12 am (CEST)

More than 2 million customers in Telenor Pakistan

Less than 11 months after launching mobile communications services in Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan now exceeds 2 million customers. The passing of this milestone coincides with a visit from Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday.

20 January 2006
10:39 am (CEST)

Telenor picks Malaysia for Asia Pacific Research & Innovation Centre

Global telecommunications leader Telenor today named Malaysia as the location for the Telenor Research & Innovation Centre Asia Pacific.

18 January 2006
9:21 am (CEST)

President of Pakistan to visit Telenor

In connection with Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf's visit to Norway on 23-25 January, the President will pay a visit to Telenor on 24 January 15:00-17:00 CET. The President will participate in a Round Table Conference headed by Telenor's CEO and President, Jon Fredrik Baksaas. The Conference will also include 13 other top executives of Norwegian industry and commerce.

17 January 2006
9:42 am (CEST)

Seven partners start up innovation company

Norway is at the forefront of using wireless technology and mobile services. Recently, seven Norwegian companies entered into a new partnership called Movation AS in order to encourage more innovation in this field. The intention of the partners is that this should become an arena for creativity where experts from various professional backgrounds and disciplines can make use of their skills in new ways in order to secure innovation. The aim is to increase value creation through exports.

12 January 2006
12:00 pm (CEST)

Telenor sells 4.8 percent of Inmarsat

Telenor has today sold 21 894 877 shares in Inmarsat PLC at £ 3.48 per share.

12 January 2006
10:33 am (CEST)

Morten Tengs appointed new CEO of Telenor Satellite Services AS

The board of Telenor Satellite Services AS (TSS) has appointed Morten Tengs new Chief Executive Officer of TSS effective 1st of February 2006. Tengs replaces Tore Hilde who will be leaving the company at the end of January.

10 January 2006
8:08 am (CEST)

Telenor strengthens in Asia and Europe – new Group Management members appointed

Telenor's mobile commitments in Asia and Europe are becoming increasingly important to the Group. Telenor is therefore appointing two of its most experienced executives - Arve Johansen and Jan Edvard Thygesen - to head its commitments in these regions. Coordination across the Group's operations is also strengthened, as two new members are appointed to the Group Management.

9 January 2006
4:31 pm (CEST)

Leaves Telenor Satellite Services AS

Tore Hilde has today announced his decision to step down from the position as Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Satellite Services AS (TSS). In understanding with the chairman of TSS, Bjarne Aamodt, Hilde will remain at Telenor until the end of January.

5 January 2006
1:03 pm (CEST)

Acquisition of Vodafone Sweden completed

Telenor has today paid EUR 994 million to Vodafone, thereby completing the acquisition of the mobile operator Vodafone Sweden. Including debt, the purchase price is EUR 1,035 million. Johan Lindgren will from today enter as CEO of the company.

1 January 2006
11:16 am (CEST)

Record-high SMS and MMS traffic on New Year’s Eve

More than 25 million text messages (SMS) and close to 1 million picture messages (MMS) passed through Telenor's mobile network on New Year's Eve. These are record figures, both for text and picture messages.