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22 December 2005
2:59 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s acquisition of Vodafone Sweden approved by competition authorities

: EU competition authorities have approved Telenor's acquisition of Vodafone Sweden. Now that EU approval has been secured, Telenor will take over the company on 5 January 2006.

22 December 2005
9:07 am (CEST)

Victory for Telenor in Sonofon tax case

In its decision of 21 December 2005 the Appeal Court (Borgarting Lagmannsrett) ruled in favour of Telenor in respect of Telenor's intragroup sale of its shares in Sonofon Holding A/S. This sale triggered a tax loss of approx. NOK 8.6 billion, with corresponding reduced tax charges of approximately NOK 2.4 billion for the fiscal year 2001. Thus, the Appeal Court upheld the decision by Oslo District Court (Oslo Tingrett) from June 2004. Telenor does not know whether the tax authorities will appeal this decision. An appeal must be filed within one month.

19 December 2005
12:32 pm (CEST)

SONOFON buys UMTS license

SONOFON has been awarded the fourth Danish UMTS-license by The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency at a price of DKK 533 million. SONOFON plans to launch its first 3G services in 2006. Telenor has already 3G services in Norway, Sweden and Hungary and SONOFON will benefit from Telenor's experience in the roll-out of the Danish 3G network.

14 December 2005
1:11 pm (CEST)

Johan Lindgren new CEO of Vodafone Sweden

The Deputy CEO and CFO of Bredbandsbolaget has been nominated for the position as new CEO of Vodafone Sweden, as Telenor creates Nordic platform.

13 December 2005
10:09 am (CEST)

Telenor into the Swedish fuse box

E.ON, Sweden's largest energy supplier, chooses Telenor Cinclus to supply new meter reading technology in the largest agreement of its kind in Sweden, worth approximately SEK 350 million.

2 December 2005
1:17 pm (CEST)

Watch the Winter Olympics on your mobile

: Watch live transmissions, highlights, and recaps from next year's Winter Olympics in Torino directly on your mobile phone - free of charge! This has now been made possible through an exclusive mobile TV collaboration between Telenor and NRK.

2 December 2005
11:40 am (CEST)

Garrett Johnston leaves Telenor

Former Chief Marketing Officer of Ukrainian mobile company Kyivstar, Garrett Johnston has decided to leave the Telenor Group in order to pursue other business opportunities.


30 November 2005
12:51 pm (CEST)

Wireless Zones from Telenor – now available to all mobile subscribers

Telenor is making more than 400 wireless WLAN zones available to all mobile subscribers.

22 November 2005
11:31 am (CEST)

Telenor to upgrade its Online ADSL offering: higher speeds, lower rates and a new Mini subscription

Telenor is upgrading its broadband offering to Norwegian consumers, increasing the speeds of all ADSL products. At the same time, Telenor also introduces a Mini subscription plan for people who are holding out for lower rates.

15 November 2005
11:14 am (CEST)

Telenor to offer up to four times higher ADSL speeds in the business market

: Telenor again undertakes a significant broadband upgrade for its business customers. As of 15 November, customers may enjoy up to four times higher ADSL speeds.

14 November 2005
10:37 pm (CEST)

Telenor Commences Arbitration against Alfa under VimpelCom Shareholders’ Agreement

In response to breaches by Alfa of the provisions of the VimpelCom Shareholders Agreement that relate to the nomination of candidates for election to the Board of Directors of VimpelCom, Telenor has today commenced an arbitration proceeding against Alfa's affiliates, Eco Telecom Limited, Eco Holdings Limited and CTF Holdings Limited.

14 November 2005
11:01 am (CEST)

GrameenPhone crosses 5 million subscriber mark

GrameenPhone Ltd., the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, where Telenor has a 62 per cent owner share, has crossed the 5 million subscriber mark milestone.

11 November 2005
1:53 pm (CEST)

Telenor still opposed to URS WellCom acquisition

Telenor regrets the announcement made by VimpelCom today that the management of VimpelCom has consummated the purchase of Ukrainian Radio Systems (URS WellCom) for an aggregate purchase price of USD 231 million.


31 October 2005
4:49 pm (CEST)

Telenor acquires Vodafone Sweden

Telenor has entered into an agreement with Vodafone Group for the acquisition of its subsidiary Vodafone Sweden for a consideration equivalent to EUR 1,035 million (enterprise value). "The acquisition of Vodafone Sweden is in line with Telenor's growth strategy and will enhance our position in the Scandinavian mobile market," said Morten Karlsen Sørby, Executive Vice President Telenor.

27 October 2005
8:00 am (CEST)

Telenor third quarter 2005 – significant growth

Compared to the third quarter of 2004, Telenor's revenues in the third quarter of 2005 increased by 13 per cent, reaching NOK 17.6 billion. Profit before taxes and minority interests increased by 27 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2004, reaching NOK 3,785 million. In the third quarter of 2005, net income per share was NOK 1.30.

24 October 2005
1:19 pm (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s third quarter results 2005

Telenor will present its financial results for the third quarter 2005 on Thursday 27 October 2005 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 08:00 CET.

22 October 2005
7:30 pm (CEST)

Anne Marit Jacobsen wins Telenor Culture Award

Actress Anne Marit Jacobsen has won Telenor's "Borderless Communication" Culture Award for 2005. The award consists of a sum of NOK 250,000, and has been presented to Jacobsen in recognition of her capacity for drawing upon the full range of her art, from the tears of the clown to laughter, poetry and high drama.

20 October 2005
9:18 am (CEST)

Telenor enhances role in Thai operator through investment in Thai Telco Holdings with Bencharongkul family

Telenor's Singapore subsidiary takes a 49 per cent stake in Thai Telco Holdings in a strategic realignment with Bencharongkul family. Telenor Asia thereby achieves enhanced operational role in mobile operator DTAC through its mother company UCOM.

19 October 2005
7:15 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s Research Award 2005 to Professor Ramjee Prasad

Telenor's Nordic research prize of NOK 250,000 has been awarded to Professor Ramjee Prasad at the University of Aalborg. He is awarded the prize for his impressive merits within the field of wireless and personal communications. Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO Telenor, introduced the winner at the Technoport conference in Trondheim 19 October.

19 October 2005
11:45 am (CEST)

Telenor introduces fixed rates for mobile data services and reduces mobile voice rates in the business market

: Effective from 1 November, Telenor introduces fixed and maximum rates for mobile data services based on GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and WLAN. Customers with Telenor's Business subscription plans will also see a NOK 0,10 per minute reduction in their mobile rates. For Telenor's business customers this involves a 15 per cent price reduction, which amounts to a total annual cost reduction of approximately NOK 100 million.


27 September 2005
11:26 am (CEST)

GSM Association selects Motorola to supply affordable and robust handsets for developing countries

The mobile industry has driven the wholesale cost of mobile phones to below US$ 30 as part of the GSM Association (GSMA) programme to make mobile telephony affordable for people in developing countries. This marks the second phase of the programme to "connect the unconnected" and GSMA expects to order six million of these low-cost handsets from Motorola.

26 September 2005
5:56 pm (CEST)

Canal Digital ensures continued TV2 distribution

Canal Digital Norge has signed a contract with TV2 for exclusive satellite distribution rights for the TV-channel for another two years. Canal Digital submitted the highest bid in a tender competition.

20 September 2005
4:12 pm (CEST)

Telenor contracts with Orbital to build THOR II-R commercial communications satellite

- Telenor ASA (OBX: Tel, Nasdaq: TELN) and Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) announced Tuesday that they have signed a contract for delivery of a new geosynchronous (GEO) communications satellite. The spacecraft, to be called THOR II-R, will be based on Orbital's industry-leading STARTM satellite platform. The new order calls for a 26-month in-orbit delivery schedule. The contract provides replacement satellite for THOR II, which will be retired from service in 2008. Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, a division of Telenor Broadcast Holding AS, based in Oslo, Norway will own and operate the satellite. Orbital will be responsible for manufacturing and testing the satellite, and procuring the dedicated launch service. Telenor has directed Orbital to negotiate with ILS for a Proton launch.

19 September 2005
10:54 am (CEST)

Telenor and Save the Children in new partnership

Fornebu, 19 September 2005) Telenor and Save the Children have entered into a three-year partnership agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to prevent abuse of children over the Internet, and to make the Internet and mobile phones safe for children and young users.

9 September 2005
10:04 am (CEST)

New mobile subscription plan from djuice: djuice allstar – web based mobile subscription

djuice today announced the launch of a new, web based mobile subscription plan, djuice allstar, with a low monthly fee, low calling rates and cheap text and picture messages. The subscription comes without any mandatory contract periods, and is managed through the djuice website.

7 September 2005
7:00 am (CEST)

GSMA Makes Mobile Phones Cheaper

The mobile industry has driven the wholesale cost of mobile phones to below USD 30 per handset. This is part of the GSM Association's programme to make mobile telephony affordable for people in developing countries.

2 September 2005
1:04 pm (CEST)

Trond Westlie new Executive Vice President and CFO of Telenor ASA

Trond Ø. Westlie has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Telenor ASA. He will take up the position on 15 September, taking over from Torstein Moland. Moland has decided to step down in connection with his upcoming 60th birthday.

2 September 2005
7:00 am (CEST)

The Telenor Senior Policy

In 2002 Telenor adopted a senior policy to look after its senior employees in Norway. The policy focuses on finding solutions that safeguard the interests of senior employees while accommodating the needs of the employer.


31 August 2005
1:02 pm (CEST)

Telenor and BBC World Service enter agreement for digital broadcasting

Telenor-owned Norkring has entered into an agreement with the BBC World Service for digital broadcasting over short wave, DRM. As part of the agreement, the BBC will be among the first in the world to broadcast over DRM.

25 August 2005
1:08 pm (CEST)

Digital TV partnership

NRK, TV 2 Gruppen AS and Telenor Broadcast have entered into a partnership agreement to consider applying for a licence for a digital terrestrial network in Norway. If the partners agree to apply, such application will be submitted by Norges televisjon (NTV), in which the three partners will hold equal ownership shares.

23 August 2005
12:07 pm (CEST)

Telenor increases SHDSL speeds for businesses

: Telenor is now introducing two new speeds for SHDSL, the broadband that offers equal speeds for up and downloading of data. Business customers will now be offered access to SHDSL with 4 or 8 Mbit/s speeds.

15 August 2005
7:21 pm (CEST)

VimpelCom EGM re-scheduled due to lack of quorum

Representatives from Alfa Group decided not to register their votes at today's Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders (EGM) of Russian mobile company VimpelCom. The meeting was initially called by Eco Telecom, a subsidiary of Alfa Group, as part of an effort to obtain the approval of the proposed acquisition of Ukranian Radiosystems, a Ukrainian mobile operator tradenamed WellCom.

10 August 2005
9:03 am (CEST)

Henrik Clausen new CEO of SONOFON

, currently managing director of Cybercity, will take up the position as new CEO of SONOFON. He will also continue as managing director of Cybercity, making him head of all of Telenor's joint telecommunications activities in Denmark. At the same time, Clausen also joins the Nordic management team of Telenor. Henrik Clausen will take up his new responsibilities on 15 August.


22 July 2005
8:02 am (CEST)

Results for the second quarter 2005 – still significant growth

In the second quarter of 2005, Telenor's revenues increased by 9 per cent compared to the second quarter of 2004, reaching NOK 16.5 billion. Profit before taxes and minority interests increased by 11 per cent compared to the second quarter of 2004, reaching NOK 3,325 million. "In the second quarter we have seen significant revenue growth and record-high growth in the number of mobile subscriptions," said CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

20 July 2005
3:40 pm (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s second quarter results 2005

Telenor will present its financial results for the second quarter 2005 on Friday 22 July 2005 at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation, which will also be broadcast live over the Internet, will be held in Auditorium A, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo. The figures will be published on Telenor's website at 08:00 CET.

8 July 2005
11:47 am (CEST)

Telenor’s acquisition of Bredbandsbolaget finalised

On 21 May this year, Telenor entered into an agreement to acquire the Swedish broadband provider Bredbandsbolaget. The transaction was approved by the Swedish competition authorities at the end of June, and closing was conducted during 8 July.

6 July 2005
7:00 am (CEST)

Illegal Content – Blocking Access to Child Sexual Abuse Images

In July 2005 Telenor was the first mobile operator to introduce a filter for mobile phones limiting access to websites containing images depicting sexual assaults on children.

5 July 2005
2:04 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s acquisition of Cybercity approved

On 23 May this year, Telenor acquired the Danish Internet provider Cybercity, an acquisition that has today been approved by the Danish Competition Authority. With this approval, Cybercity has now become a full member of the Telenor family of companies.

5 July 2005
12:07 pm (CEST)

DnB NOR in major agreement with Telenor

DnB Nor has entered into a four-year agreement with Telenor for supplies of fixed-line and mobile telephony, including a brand new telephony solution called "One Phone Concept". Throughout the contract period the agreement has a total value of NOK 500 million.

4 July 2005
12:00 pm (CEST)

GSM Association announces new phase for emerging markets initiative

: With the success of the GSM Association's (GSMA) initial drive to make affordable mobile communications a reality in emerging markets, the GSMA today announced a new phase for the initiative with an Invitation to Strategic Partnership issued to handset manufacturers for the supply of the next Ultra-Low Cost handset to developing markets. Telenor has a seat in the GSMA Management Board and manages the tender process in this initiative.

1 July 2005
1:14 pm (CEST)

Joint press release from Telenor ASA, Juniper Networks and Siemens Communications

Siemens and Juniper Networks win IP contract from Telenor to support Telenor's new multiservice IP platform. The Norwegian carrier Telenor ASA, with headquarters in Norway, has commissioned Siemens Communications to upgrade its broadband network to a Next Generation IP MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Network.

1 July 2005
10:25 am (CEST)

Telenor sells Tiscali dial-up Internet customer base

On 15 March this year, Telenor received the Norwegian Competition Authority's approval for its acquisition of Tiscali AS. In accordance with the agreement with the authorities, Telenor is now selling the Tiscali dial-up Internet customer base. Buyer is the MTU Group.


30 June 2005
4:12 pm (CEST)

Telenor Cinclus to join forces with Skagerak Energi on new meter-reading technology

Skagerak Energi is acquiring a share of Telenor Cinclus and enters into an agreement to offer its customers automatic meter-reading using mobile technology. Together, the two companies will be offering products that provide network owners and energy suppliers with currently updated data, and enable consumers to reduce their electricity costs.

28 June 2005
2:45 pm (CEST)

Canal Digital wins lawsuit against MTV

In a lawsuit brought by MTV Networks Europe, the district court in Asker and Bærum has ruled in favour of the defendant, Canal Digital Kabel TV. The TV channel MTV will not be part of Canal Digital Kabel TV's Basic Tier after 1 July.

27 June 2005
12:11 pm (CEST)

Kongsberg Gruppen ASA to enter into agreement with Telenor

Kongsberg Gruppen ASA has entered into an agreement with Telenor for the supply of mobile telephony. The agreement is of a three-year duration, and has a total value of NOK 55 million.

22 June 2005
5:22 pm (CEST)

New VimpelCom Board

Russian mobile operator VimpelCom, in which Telenor holds 26.6% of the voting shares, announced its new board of directors following VimpelCom's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Moscow on Wednesday.

22 June 2005
11:08 am (CEST)

Telenor wins ICT contract with Nye Ahus

: The board of Nye Ahus has awarded Telenor, in close cooperation with HP and other partners, the contract for procurement and construction of ICT infrastructure to the hospital. The contract has a value of approximately NOK 280 million, inclusive of VAT.

17 June 2005
3:27 pm (CEST)

Norwegian football to the public thanks to Telenor and TV2

Norwegian TV viewers have been secured access to watch Norwegian football as a result of the sale of rights from the Norwegian Football Federation to TV2 and Telenor for the next four years.

15 June 2005
7:53 am (CEST)

Telenor welcomes Aker to Fornebu

AS sells its "K3" site, situated south of the Telenor Centre, to the Norwegian company Aker. The parties signed the agreement Tuesday, and it implies that Aker's headquarters will be Telenor's closest neighbour at Fornebu just outside Oslo. The price is NOK 150 million.

10 June 2005
9:00 am (CEST)

Telenor refutes Alfa’s false and misleading statements

In a conference call with VimpelCom shareholders Thursday, Alfa Telecom made certain false and misleading statements that Telenor wishes to refute.

9 June 2005
11:08 am (CEST)

Major contract with Norwegian health service

Telenor has renegotiated and extended its current framework agreement for fixed and mobile telephony with Norway's five health regions. This agreement has an annual value of NOK 115 million, and will give the health enterprises access to a number of advanced services that will contribute to higher efficiency, simplification and cost reductions.

7 June 2005
4:01 pm (CEST)

Telenor to launch unique mobile guide at Nobel Peace Centre

Telenor is one of the founding partners of the Nobel Peace Centre, and Telenor's information system mGuide is one of several key features of the partnership. mGuide users will receive information about the objects they find themselves closest to, automatically downloaded to their mobile phones. The first public demonstration of the mGuide system will take place at opening of the Nobel Peace Centre on 11 June.

7 June 2005
1:25 pm (CEST)

Telenor to launch new Nordic data communications portfolio

: On the same day that Norway and Sweden commemorates the dissolution of the union between the two countries, Telenor launches a new Nordic service portfolio of data communications services that will further strengthen communications in the Nordic region.

7 June 2005
9:24 am (CEST)

Telenor to launch child pornography filter for mobile phones

With immediate effect, Telenor introduces a filter for mobile phones, limiting the access to websites containing images depicting sexual assaults on children. Telenor thereby assumes a leading role in the struggle against the distribution of child pornography, with a special focus on mobile phones.

6 June 2005
11:30 pm (CEST)

Telenor Resists Alfa’s Attempt to Gain Control of VimpelCom

Telenor ASA distributed a letter to shareholders of VimpelCom Monday, urging them to resist Alfa Telecom's efforts to take control of the Russian mobile operator. In the letter, Telenor, which owns 26.6 percent of the voting shares of VimpelCom, requests shareholders to vote in favor of Jo Lunder and Terje Thon, Telenor's independent nominees to VimpelCom's board of directors, at VimpelCom's June 22nd AGM. The full text of the letter is enclosed.

2 June 2005
11:07 am (CEST)

International prestigious prize awarded to the Telenor centre at Fornebu

On Thursday Telenor was awarded the prestigious Prix d`Excellence award in the office/industry category. The competition included buildings around the world, and the Telenor centre won over tough competitors such as Menara Telekom in Malaysia, Science Park in Hungary and the World Meteorological Organisation in Switzerland.


31 May 2005
2:05 pm (CEST)

Telenor increases ADSL speeds for businesses

: Higher speeds - same price. This will be the case when Telenor increases the ADSL speed for the business market from 1 July. Most broadband business customers will see their speeds doubled with no extra charge.

31 May 2005
11:38 am (CEST)

Telenor to introduce Broadband Patrol

Surveys conducted by Telenor reveal that one in three is struggling to connect to the Internet, and that installation support is one of the key issues for customers who are considering acquiring broadband. Telenor is now addressing this situation by introducing a new Broadband Patrol to help new broadband customers connect to the Internet at a reasonable price.

23 May 2005
5:29 pm (CEST)

Telenor Will Defend Against New Claim by Alfa

Three of Telenor's nominees to the Board of Directors of VimpelCom and VimpelCom itself have been named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by Eco Telecom Limited, a subsidiary of the Alfa Group Consortium. The suit is the fourth in a series of lawsuits aimed at undermining the corporate governance of Russia's second-largest mobile operator.

23 May 2005
8:02 am (CEST)

Telenor acquires Bredbandsbolaget and Cybercity

Telenor has signed agreements with the shareholders of Bredbandsbolaget in Sweden and Cybercity in Denmark to acquire the two companies for SEK 6.0 billion and DKK 1.4 billion respectively. "The acquisitions of Bredbandsbolaget and Cybercity strengthen Telenor's existing Nordic operations, and give Telenor a strong position in the fast growing Nordic broadband and datacom market," said Morten Karlsen Sørby, Executive Vice President in Telenor.

20 May 2005
5:12 pm (CEST)

Annual General Meeting_61

The Annual General Meeting of Telenor ASA was held today, Friday 20 May 2005, at Fornebu. All proposals on the agenda were adopted, cf. notice of the Annual General Meeting that was sent to Oslo Stock Exchange on 27 April 2005.

18 May 2005
9:41 am (CEST)

Telenor and Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department to introduce Internet child porn filter

: Tuesday, Telenor and the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department introduced a child pornography filter for the Internet. The filter will block access to Internet sites containing material that involves sexual abuse of children.

17 May 2005
7:00 am (CEST)

Telenor Introduces Child Pornography Filter in Sweden

Telenor and the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department have introduced a filter that blocks access to Internet sites showing sexual abuse of children.

6 May 2005
10:06 am (CEST)

Share buyback agreement

Telenor has entered into a new agreement with the Kingdom of Norway, as the largest shareholder in Telenor, regarding share buyback. The agreement is a renewal of the agreement entered into between the parties 26 March 2004 and which expires 20 May 2005.

2 May 2005
4:17 pm (CEST)

Safe transition to digital TV: Telenor wants to build digital terrestrial TV network in Norway

Telenor Broadcast has today reported an interest to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in building and operating a digital terrestrial TV network in Norway. The Telenor subsidiary Norkring currently owns and operates the national analogue terrestrial TV and radio network and wants to deliver the same services digitally. Canal Digital, also owned by Telenor, delivers TV services to close to 2.9 million households in the Nordic region via satellite, cable, and broadband as well as a digital terrestrial network in Finland. Canal Digital has experience from the introduction of digital TV in the entire Nordic region.


27 April 2005
8:06 am (CEST)

Results for the first quarter 2005 – still strong customer growth

Telenor's revenues in the first quarter of 2005 increased by 7.2 per cent compared to the previous year, reaching NOK 15.3 billion. Profit before taxes and minority interests was NOK 2,815 million, compared to NOK 5,033 million in the first quarter of 2004. "We are still seeing strong growth in our mobile operations, which currently generate 53 per cent of Telenor's total revenues," says CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

26 April 2005
11:55 am (CEST)

Telenor and Reitan Group to enter into Scandinavian agreement

: Telenor has entered into an agreement with the Reitan Group for supply of a Nordic data network to the Reitan Group's approximately 1,500 sales outlets, as well as 50 offices and warehouses in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

24 April 2005
1:14 pm (CEST)

Rejection of Ukrainian Deal Will Preserve Value in VimpelCom and Restore Strategic Development

A decision by the Board of Directors of OAO Vimpel-Communications to reject the purchase of a Ukrainian mobile operator puts the company back on track to maintain shareholder value and effective strategic development, stated Telenor ASA spokesperson Dag Melgaard.

18 April 2005
6:46 pm (CEST)

Russian Supreme Court Accepts Telenor’s Request and Helps Restore Corporate Governance in VimpelCom

In response to a request filed by Telenor East Invest AS, the Russian Supreme Court today delivered to Telenor an order that will help restore corporate governance in VimpelCom, the Russian mobile operator in which Telenor owns 26.6 percent of the voting shares.

13 April 2005
2:08 pm (CEST)

Telenor Will Repel Illegal Assault on Russian Mobile Asset

Telenor ASA has pledged to fight back what it regards as an unlawful corporate attack on OAO "Vimpel-Communications", the Russian mobile operator in which it holds a 26.6 percent stake of the voting shares.

11 April 2005
9:28 am (CEST)

GrameenPhone in Bangladesh reaches three million mobile phone subscribers

Telenor's mobile arm in Bangladesh, GrameenPhone Ltd., celebrates another important milestone, reaching no less than three million subscribers. GrameenPhone started operations in Bangladesh in 1997.

8 April 2005
10:05 am (CEST)

Paul Bergqvist to the Board of Telenor ASA

On Thursday, Telenor's Corporate Assembly elected Paul Bergqvist to the Board of Telenor ASA. He replaces Einar Førde, who passed away in September last year.


31 March 2005
5:29 pm (CEST)

New basic tier from Canal Digital

Canal Digital's cable TV customers will receive five more channels in their basic tier. The newcomers are: Disney Channel, The Voice, Star!, Showtime and BBC World.

30 March 2005
1:00 pm (CEST)

Telenor to launch broadband telephony

On Wednesday, Telenor introduces its broadband telephony product to the consumer market. Telenor now provides a full range of telephony services, and customers are offered traditional fixed telephony, mobile telephony and broadband telephony.

18 March 2005
11:44 am (CEST)

If to enter into Nordic communications agreement with Telenor

The general insurance company If has chosen Telenor as its overall supplier of communications services in the Nordic region.

17 March 2005
10:05 am (CEST)

OTRUM and Telenor Satellite Broadcasting sign contract for satellite broadband

OTRUM, Europe's leading provider of interactive TV solutions to hotels, and satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting have signed a contract for the use of two-way satellite broadband. OTRUM will use the DVB-RCS service mainly to deliver films to hotels, but also to establish two-way communication with their installed systems within hotels.

16 March 2005
12:53 pm (CEST)

Telenor launches 3G at Svalbard

On Tuesday, Telenor opened its new mobile network UMTS in Longyearbyen at Svalbard. The network, which has been supplied by Ericsson, offers very high data transmission speeds, and will give Telenor Mobil's customers access to third generation mobile services (3G) such as video calls and mobile TV.

15 March 2005
11:00 am (CEST)

Telenor opens mobile network in Pakistan

On Tuesday, Telenor Pakistan opened its GSM mobile network for commercial service. Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf, conducted the official opening by placing the first call through the network to Norway's Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik. Telenor won its license to build and operate a mobile network in Pakistan in April 2004.


18 February 2005
2:30 pm (CEST)

To the editors: Dag Vangsnes leaves Telenor

Director of Communications at Telenor International Mobile, Mr. Dag Vangsnes, has chosen to leave his position at Telenor. He has been responsible for external and internal communications on behalf of Telenor International Mobile, with special responsibility for liaising with communication activities at Telenor's international mobile operations.

16 February 2005
8:03 am (CEST)

Fourth quarter and preliminary results for the year 2004 – record-high customer growth

In 2004, Telenor's revenues excluding gains increased by 14.9 per cent compared to the previous year, to NOK 60.8 billion. Net income increased by 14.6 per cent, to NOK 5.2 billion. "We have seen a record-high customer growth in several markets, which provides us with a good vantage point for future profit development," said President and CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

14 February 2005
12:22 pm (CEST)

Telenor to introduce Mobile Office with 3G

As the first mobile operator in the Nordic region, Telenor today introduces a new version of the Mobile Office that supports 3G services, and the wireless data transfer technologies UMTS, WLAN and GSM/GPRS. Telenor's Mobile Office will finally turn laptop computers into truly mobile workstations with high-speed Internet connections.

9 February 2005
10:35 am (CEST)

Telenor to introduce trainee programme

: On September 1st , Telenor will introduce a two-year trainee programme for young Scandinavian talents who are interested in an exciting future in telecommunications. So far the interest has been overwhelming More than 1,000 candidates from Norway, Sweden and Denmark have applied for the eight trainee positions.

8 February 2005
9:56 am (CEST)

Write-down of Sonofon and provision for loss in Sweden

In connection with Telenor's annual impairment test of entities containing goodwill, the market value of the mobile company Sonofon in Denmark has been assessed to be lower than the book value. This has led to a write-down of NOK 2.4 billlion, of which NOK 2.2 billion is goodwill. The enterprise value of Sonofon is NOK 7.7 billion subsequent to the write-down.


26 January 2005
9:02 am (CEST)

Telenor to restructure Group Management

In order to simplify and concentrate Telenor's efforts in the domestic markets and to secure the gains from the co-ordination of the Nordic activities in mobile and fixed communications, Telenor has decided to restructure its organisation and management. These changes will also underpin the continued development of Telenor as an international mobile operator. Initially, the restructuring will involve a concentration of Telenor's mobile and fixed activities in the Nordic region under one management.

20 January 2005
11:46 am (CEST)

Telenor reduces Internet virus risk

Statistics compiled by Telenor show that the amount of both spam and virus increased substantially in 2004. As Norway's largest Internet provider in both the consumer and business markets, Telenor has taken steps that are likely to reduce the scope of the virus problem in 2005.

18 January 2005
4:03 pm (CEST)

Management changes at SONOFON in Denmark

Jan Edvard Thygesen is taking on management responsibilities in the mobile company SONOFON while continuing to head up Telenor Nordic Mobile. Steen Jespersen is stepping down as CEO of SONOFON.

3 January 2005
4:40 pm (CEST)

Mobile network NTM-450 to close down

: On Monday 3 January, Norway's first fully automatic mobile network, the NMT-450, will close down. This marks the end of an era for Telenor and for the first generation of mobile telephony in Norway.