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20 December 2004
12:00 pm (CEST)

Telenor launches IP telephony for large businesses

: On Monday Telenor launched IP telephony for larger businesses and for public administrative offices with internal data networks. In supplying the dialling tone over IP, Telenor has prepared the ground for future communications solutions, allowing businesses to decide the tempo for when they want to take up the new solutions.

8 December 2004
9:37 am (CEST)

Pannon GSM has acquired a 3G license in Hungary

Budapest/Fornebu, Dec 8, 2004. - Telenor's mobile arm in Hungary, Pannon GSM (Pannon), has acquired one of the UMTS licences in Hungary, a "C" licence, for HUF 19 billion, equivalent to NOK 630 mill. The licence fee is payable with 5.5 billion HUF in 2004, and the remaining in three yearly installments.

1 December 2004
8:12 am (CEST)

Telenor to launch 3G

On Wednesday Telenor opened its new UMTS mobile network for commercial use. The network offers very high data transmission speeds, and Telenor Mobil's customers will have access to third generation mobile services such as video calls and Mobile TV. At the time of launch, the network covers 70 cities and densely populated areas in Norway.


4 November 2004
12:45 pm (CEST)

Telenor to adjust rates in the residential market

As of 8 November, customers in the residential market will have three different subscription plans to choose from. 670,000 Norwegian households could save money by choosing the subscription plan that fits their pattern of usage. In December, Telenor will also introduce a new and customer-friendly solution for customers who have Telenor as their overall supplier of home phone, mobile and Internet.


29 October 2004
10:22 am (CEST)

Mobile Internet at NOK 5 per day

As part of a campaign offer in November and December, customers of Norwegian Telenor Mobil will be offered Internet surfing at a maximum rate of NOK 5 per day. The offer applies for both post-paid and pre-paid customers with private subscriptions.

27 October 2004
8:00 am (CEST)

Results for the 3rd quarter of 2004

Telenor's revenues excluding gains, increased by 16 per cent to NOK 15.6 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2004 compared to the 3rd quarter of the previous year. "This solid increase is due to strong customer growth in our mobile operations and the consolidation of Sonofon. In this quarter alone we have gained 2.2 million new mobile subscribtions in the consolidated operations - almost as many as we have in total in Norway today," says Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO.

27 October 2004
7:51 am (CEST)

Telenor to increase its ownership stake in GrameenPhone to 55.5 per cent

Telenor and the remaining partners of the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh, GrameenPhone, have entered into an agreement with the Japanese Marubeni Corporation to buy their entire 9.5 per cent stake in GrameenPhone.

25 October 2004
10:23 am (CEST)

Telenor: Presentation of third quarter results 2004

Telenor will present their financial results for the third quarter 2004 on Wednesday 27 October at 0900 hrs Norwegian time. The presentation will be a joint press and analysts presentation, held in the Auditorium, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo.

21 October 2004
9:13 am (CEST)

EDB, Telenor and IBM agree extensive technological collaboration

EDB Business Partner and Telenor have chosen IBM as partner for their forthcoming technology consolidation. EDB and Telenor have at the same time entered into agreements to concentrate a larger proportion of their technology purchasing from IBM. EDB and Telenor have committed to buy hardware, software and services from IBM totalling NOK 1.7 billion and NOK 300 million respectively over the next five years.

21 October 2004
9:05 am (CEST)

Telenor sells Intelsat shares

Telenor is selling its 4 per cent share in the world's largest satellite company, Intelsat for $129 million. The sale will give Telenor a book profit of around NOK 400 million (approximately $62 million). Yesterday, the Intelsat AGM approved the sales agreement involving today's shareholders selling their shares to private investors for $18.75 a share. Telenor has approximately 6.9 million shares in Intelsat. The settlement for the shares will be in cash, and is expected to be concluded around year end 2004.

19 October 2004
12:24 pm (CEST)

Telenor to advance ADSL rollout plans

Telenor has decided to step up its ADSL rollout plans, thereby ensuring that 90 per cent of Norway's population will have access to broadband by the end of 2005. Norway is in the process of becoming a leading broadband nation, and Telenor's enhanced rollout plans will serve as further confirmation of Norway's advanced position.

8 October 2004
12:03 pm (CEST)

Telenor and Easybits Software to introduce e-mail solution for children

Telenor and EasyBits are now introducing Magic Mail, an e-mail solution that facilitates parental control and helps children get familiar with e-mail as a means of communication. Magic Mail is the first e-mail programme for children, allowing even the youngest children to send text, pictures and voice.


24 September 2004
8:41 am (CEST)

Telenor to introduce faster mobile services

This spring, Telenor decided to upgrade its GSM network with the so-called EDGE technology. All customers have already had their subscriptions upgraded with access to faster and enhanced mobile services.

21 September 2004
10:40 am (CEST)

Telenor and KRIPOS introduce Internet child pornography filter

Telenor and KRIPOS, the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service, have introduced a new filter against child pornography on the Internet. The filter, which is one of the first of its kind, will prevent access to web sites containing sexual abuse of children. Telenor is responsible for the technical solutions and KRIPOS provides updated lists of web sites that distribute such material.

14 September 2004
1:33 pm (CEST)

International Passengers Want Mobile Phones in Flight, Research by ARINC and Telenor Shows

Nearly half of all international business fliers would prefer to travel on airlines that allow the use of mobile phones in flight. That is the emphatic conclusion from a survey of 1,200 international business and leisure travelers at two of the world's busiest airports - London Heathrow and Gatwick. The research was conducted for Telenor and ARINC Incorporated.

14 September 2004
9:35 am (CEST)

Telenor’s Research Prize 2004 awarded to Swedish pioneer

Telenor's Nordic Research Prize of NOK 250,000 has been awarded to Professor Claes Wohlin at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. He received the prize for his research on the quality and efficient development of software engineering, a field where he is ranked a leading international researcher.

9 September 2004
2:06 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s Research Award 2004

When: 14 September CET 09:00 - 09:30 Where: Auditorium A, Telenor Expo, Fornebu

2 September 2004
4:34 pm (CEST)

Canal Digital provides access to Swedish terrestrial network

Canal Digital, the Nordic Region's largest TV-distributor, now provides equipment, free of charge, to all its customers in Sweden, enabling them to access the TV channels in the Swedish digital terrestrial network.

1 September 2004
12:50 pm (CEST)

Reduced mobile charges for private and business customers

Telenor reduces its mobile charges for both private and business customers. Telenor's total charge reductions will amount to more than NOK 200 million on an annual basis.


23 August 2004
5:05 pm (CEST)

Telenor acquires Tiscali’s Norwegian branch

Telenor has entered into an agreement with Tiscali to acquire the company's Norwegian operation. Tiscali AS has a total of 45,000 customers, including 18,000 ADSL-customers and 27,000 customers with dial-up Internet. Telenor will pay Euro 6 million for the company. The acquisition by Telenor is subject to the approval of the Norwegian Competition Authority.

11 August 2004
12:32 pm (CEST)

Telenor acquires the remaining stakes in leading Montenegrin mobile operator ProMonte

Telenor has today completed the acquisition of an additional 55,9 per cent of the shares in Montenegrin mobile operator ProMonte.

10 August 2004
1:15 pm (CEST)

Ernst D. Thue new CEO in Conax

is appointed new CEO in Conax. Thue has extensive leadership experience from both national and international companies, among others Esselte, IBM, Byggmakker and Telenor. His latest employment before joining Conax was with Ghana Telecom where he held a leading position.

2 August 2004
11:10 am (CEST)

Telenor Press Service: (+47) 800 80 900

From 2 August Telenor launches a new telephone service for journalists: (+47) 800 80 900. The service will be available at all hours.


23 July 2004
8:02 am (CEST)

Results for the 2nd quarter of 2004

Telenor's revenues excluding gains in the second quarter of 2004 were NOK 15.3 billion. This is 16.1 per cent higher than in the corresponding period 2003. The growth in revenue is primarily related to growth in mobile operations and the consolidation of Sonofon in Denmark. Operating profit increased by NOK 1,127 million to NOK 2,739 million. Profit before taxes increased to NOK 2,662 million.

21 July 2004
10:19 am (CEST)

Presentation of second quarter results 2004

Telenor will present their financial results for the second quarter 2004 on Friday 23 July, at 0900 hrs Norwegian time. The presentation will be a joint press and analysts presentation, held in the Auditorium, Telenor Expo Visitor Centre at Fornebu near Oslo.

9 July 2004
12:03 pm (CEST)

Flat rate for all

Canal Digital Kabel TV will adjust its prices to individual customers as at 1 November 2004, making the new standard rate NOK 167 per month. Under the new pricing system individual customers will see a price increase in cable-TV services, some will see a decrease and for yet others, the price will remain the same.

7 July 2004
11:10 am (CEST)

AGA enters into Nordic telephony agreement with Telenor

AGA/Linde Group has chosen Telenor and Elisa to be total suppliers of telephony services to the company's operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

1 July 2004
10:52 am (CEST)

SpareBank 1 and Telenor in agreement for complete telephony solution

The Norwegian bank SpareBank 1 and Telenor have entered into an agreement for full supplies of telephony services, worth between NOK 130-150 million over three years. Additional to services and products from Telenor, the agreement also involves a collaboration relating to efficiency improvements of telecommunications services, which will result in considerable cost-savings for SpareBank 1.


29 June 2004
11:15 am (CEST)

Summer offer from Telenor: top up for NOK 500 – call and send SMS worth NOK 1000

Telenor Mobil's prepaid customers are offered double call time this summer. Customers making a NOK 500 top-up during the months of July and August will receive NOK 1000 worth of usage.

21 June 2004
2:39 pm (CEST)

Telenor announces new CEO for Pakistani operation

Mr. Tore Johnsen, present CEO of the mobile company DiGi in Malaysia, has accepted an offer to take on the position as CEO of Telenor's new mobile operation in Pakistan. DiGi's Board of Directors has appointed Morten Lundal as the company's new CEO, effective from July 26th 2004. Telenor holds an ownership stake of 61 per cent in DiGi.

20 June 2004
3:00 pm (CEST)

Telenor and ARINC Introduce a Breakthrough: Mobile Phone Service for Airline Passengers

ARINC Incorporated and Telenor ASA will soon market new technology to allow airline passengers to use personal mobile phones aboard commercial flights. The companies formed an alliance in 2003 and this week revealed their plans at the Inmarsat Conference in Montreal, Canada.

10 June 2004
10:27 am (CEST)

New mobile subscription enables free use of SMS

: Telenor Mobil is launching a new subscription - djuice nonstop - where by paying a fixed monthly fee you may send an unlimited number of SMS's every month.

9 June 2004
2:30 pm (CEST)

Telenor on the EDGE

Telenor is upgrading the GSM network with the so-called EDGE technology. This will enable the company to offer its mobile customers even better quality, increased capacity and larger bandwidth in the existing GSM network. With EDGE the data transfer rate will be three times what is possible with today's GSM.

8 June 2004
4:16 pm (CEST)

Telenor simplifies price system on calls from abroad

Telenor Mobil introduces a simplified price system on calls to Norway from abroad. Telenor's customers will from now on have only three prices to relate to: one for the Nordic area, one for Western Europe and one for Eastern Europe. The changes imply a total price reduction for Telenor Mobil's customers of NOK 20 million on an annual basis.

3 June 2004
9:04 am (CEST)

Telenor to reduce mobile tariffs again

Telenor will again reduce the monthly charge on the mobile telephony subscription plan Privat +. Effective from 1 June, the monthly charge will be reduced to NOK 129.


27 May 2004
11:33 am (CEST)

Telenor to renew the mobile phone: Even easier mobile services

Entry is the name of a new menu option that will appear on selected mobile phones - soon available at sales outlets. Telenor makes it easier to use mobile services - enabling more customers to use their handsets for more than just regular calls and message sending.

21 May 2004
10:05 am (CEST)

Telenor reduces mobile prices

Telenor further lowers the prices on several of its mobile services. The prices are reduced by a total of more than NOK 100 million.

6 May 2004
3:55 pm (CEST)

Telenor’s Annual General Meeting

of Telenor ASA has today approved the financial statements and annual report of Telenor ASA and the Group for 2003 and the Board's proposal of a dividend of NOK 1.00 per share. The dividend will be paid on 25 May to shareholders registered as holding shares on the date of the AGM. As of 7 May 2004, the Telenor share will be traded exclusive of dividend.

6 May 2004
11:38 am (CEST)

Telenor to launch netcentric switchboard with unique functionalities

: Telenor is launching the inContact Switchboard, a new and to the global community, unique switchboard solution that makes businesses more customer-friendly.

5 May 2004
8:03 am (CEST)

Results for the 1st quarter of 2004

Telenor's revenues increased by 13 per cent in the first quarter of 2004 compared to the first quarter last year, to just below NOK 14.3 billion, mainly due to growth in the mobile operations and the consolidation of Sonofon. Compared to the same period operating profit increased by NOK 807 million to NOK 2,282 million, while profit before taxes and minority interests increased by NOK 3.6 billion to NOK 4.7 billion.

4 May 2004
9:15 am (CEST)

Telenor to contribute to mobile coverage on ferries and ships

As part of a share issue, Telenor will invest NOK 25 million in the Grimstad-based mobile company Maritime Communications Partner (MCP). Telenor will be the company's largest shareholder, holding 33.3 per cent of the shares. MCP has developed a unique concept to facilitate regular GSM coverage on board international ferries and ships. The six co-founders of the company all share a background from Ericsson's Grimstad branch.

3 May 2004
10:48 am (CEST)

Telenor: Presentation of first quarter results 2004

Telenor will present their financial results for the first quarter 2004 on Wednesday 5 May, at 0900 hrs Norwegian time. The presentation will be a joint press and analysts presentation, held in the Auditorium, Telenor Expo Visitor centre at Fornebu.


30 April 2004
2:05 pm (CEST)

SONOFON acquires CBB Mobil

In Denmark the Telenor owned mobile phone company SONOFON has today reached agreement with the shareholders of CBB Mobil A/S to acquire the company. CBB Mobil will continue as an independent company in its own name.

29 April 2004
1:07 pm (CEST)

Stock Exchange notice re Digi.Com

Telenor`s subsidiary in Malaysia, Digi.Com, have reported their first quarter figures to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange today. The reported figures in NOK are quoted below.

16 April 2004
10:52 am (CEST)

Telenor in Nobel Peace Center partnership

Telenor has entered into a partnership agreement with The Nobel Peace Center. "Communication, in the broadest sense of the word, expresses the basic idea of the Peace Center. We are therefore very pleased to have an international communications partner like Telenor as part of our team," said Geir Lundestad, Director of The Norwegian Nobel Institute and Chairman of The Nobel Peace Center. Telenor is to contribute NOK 14 million over a four-year period to the Peace Center, which is due to open in June 2005. The contribution will consist of supply of services provided and a sponsorship fee.

14 April 2004
12:30 pm (CEST)

Telenor acquires GSM licence in Pakistan

Telenor has won the auction in Islamabad for one of two new nationwide licences in Pakistan for mobile operation.

1 April 2004
11:07 am (CEST)

The Starmap Mobile Alliance adds Denmark to its footprint, signs SONOFON

The Starmap Mobile Alliance today announces the immediate accession of SONOFON A/S. The alliance now consists of ten leading independent operators providing seamless mobile voice and data services to over 46 million subscribers.


26 March 2004
11:19 am (CEST)

New CEO in Pannon GSM

Ove Fredheim will take on the position as CEO of Hungarian mobile operator Pannon GSM from 1st. of April 2004. Fredheim will take over after Klaus Holgaard Rasmussen who will be pursuing his career as CEO in the International fashion company, IC Companys A/S in Denmark.

26 March 2004
8:24 am (CEST)

Telenor and EDB enter into an agreement for increased growth and profitability in the Nordic region

Telenor and EDB Business Partner have entered into one of the largest IT agreements in the Nordic region. The agreement involves Telenor transferring an extended responsibility for the operation of IT systems to EDB. In addition EDB will take over operational responsibility for Telenor's external customers in this area. The agreement runs for seven years and will significantly increase the companies' competitiveness. For EDB the agreement is expected to be worth NOK 5.3 billion. In addition EDB will sell the bulk of its Telekom business area to Accenture for NOK 400 million. At the same time, Telenor has entered into a cooperation agreement with Accenture regarding the purchase of application services. For Telenor these agreements will over time yield annual cost reductions of approximately NOK 250 - 350 million.

25 March 2004
12:30 pm (CEST)

Jørgen Lindegaard steps down as Chairman of the Board for SONOFON

Jørgen Lindegaard has stepped down as chairman of the Board of Directors for SONOFON Holding A/S, a position he has held since 1996.

18 March 2004
11:24 am (CEST)

Telenor to launch traffic warning for telephony customers

: Telenor introduces TrafficWarning for its telephony customers in the business market. TrafficWarning gives customers added security that phone bills do not run wild as a result of errors or unwarranted use.

16 March 2004
1:58 pm (CEST)

Telenor to launch simpler and improved ADSL products

: Increased speeds and unrestricted use are the key elements of Telenor's new ADSL portfolio, effective from 19 March. In addition to focusing on security and entertainment, Telenor makes it even easier to install ADSL.

1 March 2004
3:58 pm (CEST)

Mobile-recycling benefits charity

From today on, every single second-hand mobile phone handed in to one of Telenor Mobil's 800 dealer outlets across Norway will generate NOK 50 to Plan Norge. The new arrangement is the result of the cooperation between Telenor Mobil, the handset distributor Dangaard Telecom Norway and the children's rights organisation Plan Norge.

1 March 2004
3:49 pm (CEST)

Telenor Mobil reduces SMS prices once again

Telenor Mobil is following up on last year's price reductions by once again lowering the price of text messages for prepaid customers. The cost of an SMS for prepaid (RingKontant) customers has gone down from NOK 1 to NOK 0.79. Djuice Kontant (djuice prepaid) customers will enjoy a reduction from NOK 0.89 to NOK 0.79. The new tariffs commence on March 1.


27 February 2004
10:11 am (CEST)

Name change for Telenor Avidi

Norway's biggest cable television operator Avidi has changed its name to Canal Digital Kabel TV, a logical move now Telenor Avidi has become a division of Canal Digital Norge.

26 February 2004
9:55 am (CEST)

Telenor has agreed to sell remaining nine per cent of Cosmote

Telenor announced today an agreement to sell the remaining nine percent shareholding (29.7 mill. shares) in the leading Greek mobile operator, Cosmote. The transaction will provide Telenor with total sales proceeds of approximately NOK 3.1 bn and will represent a financial gain before tax of approximately NOK 2.6 bn.

23 February 2004
2:16 pm (CEST)

European operators announce new brand ‘Starmap Mobile Alliance’ and seamless services

The Mobile Alliance, launched in October 2003, today announced its new brand -'Starmap Mobile Alliance'. The brand demonstrates the close cooperation between nine leading independent operators, which have already started to provide seamless mobile voice and data services across the alliance footprint.

23 February 2004
9:35 am (CEST)

Low cost broadband access for everyone

The EU funded Integrated Project BROADWAN has started. The project targets low cost broadband access solutions for everyone with the ambition of positioning European industry in the lead. The consortium comprises 25 partners from 10 countries including operators, industry, academia, and consultancy.

13 February 2004
12:29 pm (CEST)

Telenor launches music download to mobile phones

Telenor Mobil, through its youth brand djuice, today launched a full-scale service for downloading of music to mobile phones. Telenor Mobil will through this initiative be one of the first operators in Europe to offer this service. Punching a few codes will enable the user to buy, download and listen to music directly from the mobile phone. The news was presented at the by:Larm music festival in Bergen.

13 February 2004
8:01 am (CEST)

Fourth quarter and preliminary results for the year

Telenor's revenues increased in 2003 by 8.8 per cent compared to the previous year to approximately NOK 53.1 billion. Operating profit in 2003 was NOK 7,560 million compared to an operating loss of NOK 320 million in 2002. The result before taxes increased from a loss of approximately NOK 5.1 billion in 2002 to a profit of approximately NOK 7.4 billion in 2003.

10 February 2004
2:29 pm (CEST)

Presentation of Telenor’s fourth quarter and preliminary year-end results

Telenor will present their financial fourth quarter and preliminary year-end results for 2003 on Friday 13 February, at 0900 hrs Norwegian time. The presentation will be held in the Auditorium, Telenor Expo Visitor centre at Fornebu.

4 February 2004
1:47 pm (CEST)

Telenor terminated 2.1 million data virus and 90 million spam messages in 2003

Figures from Telenor reveal that e-mail customers have been hit by a dramatic increase in spam messages and virus attacks in 2003. Telenor recommends that its customers combat the problem both through local solutions and through subscriptions for web-based virus and spam filters.

3 February 2004
3:37 pm (CEST)


14 January 2004
12:25 pm (CEST)

TV 2 and Telenor in comprehensive web-TV partnership

: TV 2 Interaktiv AS and Telenor have entered into an agreement for direct video streaming, storing, payment solutions and distribution of TV 2 web-TV to Telenor's broadband customers. The parties will also cooperate to develop new services adapted to web-TV.

13 January 2004
6:14 pm (CEST)

Telenor and HP wins prestigious ICT contract in Norway

The choice of Telenor as the main supplier of ICT infrastructure to the new St. Olav's Hospital in Trondheim ("Helsebygg Midt-Norge"), is proof that Telenor's solutions combine technology and human resources in such a way as to give customers a competitive edge. This is a comprehensive contract, and we look forward to be part of creating the hospital of the future, to the benefit of both patients and employees," said Executive Vice President Morten Karlsen Sørby, head of Telenor's activities in the Norwegian market.

12 January 2004
3:33 pm (CEST)

Canal Digital signs agreement regarding digital terrestrial television in Finland

CANAL+ Television AB and Canal Digital AS will be the first pay-TV operators in Finland's digital terrestrial television network. By March this year, Finnish television viewers will be able to access the CANAL+ channels in the Finnish digital terrestrial network. Canal Digital will be responsible for sales and customer service.

8 January 2004
3:46 pm (CEST)

World’s first from Telenor: SMS turns mobile phone into airline ticket

Telenor and the airline company "Norwegian" have entered into a partnership that enables customers to order and purchase air tickets for "Norwegian" flights via their mobile terminals. The two companies will be the first in the world to introduce this service. Customers will use their mobile phones as tickets at check-in.

6 January 2004
9:35 am (CEST)

Jan Edvard Thygesen to head Telenor’s new Nordic Mobile unit

Mr. Jan Edvard Thygesen is to head the newly established nordic unit for mobile communications in Telenor, Nordic Mobile, with immediate effect. Nordic Mobile will include the mobile companies Telenor Mobil in Norway, Sonofon in Denmark and djuice in Sweden. Thygesen today heads Telenor Networks and continues as a member of the Corporate Management. New head of Telenor Networks will be Mr. ؅smund Løset, who joins the Corporate Management. Løset has been in charge of Telenor's Delta 4 program and has since 2003 been Chief Operating Officer in Telenor Networks.