Uninor receives Green Globe Award for its climate focus

In its second year of operation, Uninor receives international recognition for its environment and climate initiatives. This week, the company won the prestigious Green Globe Award at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2011.

This week, political and business leaders, academics and students from across the world are gathered at the annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) to discuss global sustainability issues and climate change, while attempting to develop world solutions. The title of this year’s conference is “Tapping Local Initiatives and Tackling Global Inertia”.

Best Contribution from the private sector

At a DSDS function this week, Uninor was awarded the prestigious Green Globe Foundation Award 2011 for Best Contribution by a Corporate/Business Enterprise – Private Sector. The category honours initiatives by private companies that have had a direct positive impact on the environment and/or conservation of natural resources.

“Engaging with local communities, as we have done with women entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, and improving our operations across India have been our main focus areas within the corporate responsibility since Uninor’s inception. Maintaining this focus, we are continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Tapping into the knowledge and experience of the Telenor Group within this field has thus been of great value to us,” said Rajiv Bawa, EVP and Head of Corporate Affairs in Uninor.

Energy Saving Opex Model

Uninor’s entry for the Green Globe Award was a report on one of its pilot projects, the Energy Saving Opex Model. This model includes initiatives such as the implementation of free cooling units, fuel catalysts and solar power equipment at Uninor tower sites. Due to unreliable power supply to many telecom towers in India, a majority of towers are today heavily dependent on diesel generators for uninterrupted service. Uninor’s pilot project showed not only a reduction in C02 emissions, but also savings of up to 30 per cent on the operating costs.

“Uninor is committed to responsible and sustainable business practices. Environment and climate will be important considerations in our business decisions. Under the new Climate Strategy for 2011, we hope to launch many new initiatives that will reaffirm our intent. This is just the beginning,” said Mr Bawa when receiving the award.

Uninor plans to implement 8 000 free cooling units, 10 000 fuel catalysts and 200 solar powered base transceiver stations (BTS) across India.

Part of a comprehensive Environment and Climate Strategy

Uninor has developed an Environment and Climate Strategy, building on the ambitions of the Telenor Group. The objective is to make sure that sustainability is an inherent part of how the company does business.

“Kicking off the Environment and Climate strategy underlines our commitment to reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our operations. We will also introduce initiatives that will reduce the costs associated with energy use and waste so that we support Uninor’s business pillar of low cost operations,” says Madhu Singh Sirohi, Head of Corporate Responsibility in Uninor.

Good for the environment and good for business

Operational efficiency is more than a CR effort. Reducing fuel consumption, streamlining operations and ensuring that environmental properties are given weight in procurement and sourcing activities has been a key focus for Uninor’s Operations function.

“Our operations have already made a significant impact on the environment and on our operational costs. Uninor is striving to become a lean and low-cost operation, and we are working closely with our partners to drive energy efficiency. This is realizing our strategy to be the best on low cost operations, and it also enables us to contribute to fighting climate change. The Green Globe award is a great encouragement for both our Corporate Affairs and Operations teams,” says Yogesh Malik, EVP and Head of Operations in Uninor.

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