Telenor in Myanmar

Telenor Group has accepted an agreement with Myanmar for a nationwide telecommunications license. We are committed to providing accessible and affordable mobile communications to people across the country.

Telenor aims to launch a range of innovative products and services by Q3 2014. With plans for a mobile network using HSPA and LTE-ready technologies, Telenor intends to provide coverage to 90% of the population of Myanmar within five years.

A full range of voice and data mobile services over 2G and 3G will be commercially launched as Telenor’s initial offering. Telenor aims to ensure that consumers get excellent voice quality and high-speed data connectivity – enabling the country to commence its journey into the digital future.

News and latest updates

27 October 2014

Telenor launches in Yangon

16 September 2014

Telenor connects first customers in Myanmar

19 August 2014: Presentation

Sustainability in Myanmar

10 February 2014:

Presentation of Telenor in Myanmar

31 January 2014:

Telenor Group signs license in Myanmar

3 September 2013:

Telenor Myanmar gets its first office

13 August 2013:

Telenor begins recruitment for leadership positions in Myanmar

17 July 2013: First press meeting in Myanmar. At his first press meeting in Myanmar, Telenor Mynamar CEO-designate Petter Furberg reiterated Telenor Group’s commitment to bringing accessible and affordable mobile communications to everyone in Myanmar.

12 July 2013:

Petter Furberg to head Telenor Myanmar

27 June 2013:

Telenor is a successful applicant for telecommunications licence in Myanmar  

Telenor Myanmar business plan

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