Mobile phone replaces wallet in Serbia

Telenor Serbia introduces payment via mobile phone, making Serbia one of a few Europan countries to provide this service.

Written: 16 December 2010

As of November 2010, Telenor Serbia’s postpaid subscribers are now able to make payments with their mobile phones. People with account in at least one of the four participating banks are able to use their mobile phones to pay Telenor phone bills, send money to other users of the mPayment service, shop in online stores, and top up any prepaid number in Telenor network. This offer will soon be expanded to payments of utility, electricity, cable TV, Internet, and hotel bills, as well as bills in restaurants and stores.

One of a few in Europe

As a result of the new mPayment initiative, Serbia is now one of the few countries in Europe that makes simple and safe payments via a mobile phone directly from a bank account possible. The service already functions in countries such as Japan, Norway, Italy, Slovenia and Turkey. In Austria, for instance, users can buy city transportation, train, plane, theatre, concert or cinema tickets, as well as extend their parking time, pay for a taxi fare, buy a drink in a café and food in a restaurant, shop in supermarkets, and more.

Connecting telecom and financial sector

“Three out of the 10 best mobile applications, which have a significant impact on the telecom sector by 2012, are part of the mPayment service. By introducing this service, Telenor has developed a platform that will connect the telecom and financial sectors. We believe that in this manner we will contribute to the development of advanced technological solutions in the market,” says Gabor Kocsis, Chief Financial Officer, Telenor Serbia.

Enabled by e-signature SIM cards

Safe and fast money transaction, with the highest-level data security, is provided with the special electronic certificate phone cards (WPKI SIM), and a protected channel between a phone and a bank. The electronic signatures on mobile phone cards are issued in co-operation with Halcom, one of four companies registered at the Serbian Ministry of Telecommunication as certified for issuing qualified electronic certificates.

To activate the service, users need to have a SIM card with e-signature, which can be obtained at any Telenor shop. Following the certificate activation, a user connects his/her bank account with the certificate on the SIM card in a bank. The mPayment service can be used with all phones, with no difference and limitations.