Primary insiders

Trade by primary insiders

The table below shows the primary insiders of Telenor and their shareholdings incl related parties.

Last updated: 2 March 2017

Board of Directors

Name Role Shareholding
Gunn Wærsted Chair of the Board 12 000
Jacob Aqraou Board member 10 000
Siri Beate Hatlen Board member 0
Regi Aalstad Board member 3 500
Jon Erik Reinhardsen Board member 0
Ashok Vaswani Board member 0
Sally Davis Board member 0
Dag Opedal Deputy Chair of the Board 0
Harald Stavn Board member (e) 6 027
Per Gunnar Salomonsen Board member (e)  929
Åse Selfjord Board member (e) 145
Bjørn André Anderssen Deputy board member (e) 3 268
Brit Østby Fredriksen Deputy board member (e) 9 127
Kenneth Pettersen Deputy board member (e) 1 496
Stein Halvor Nordbø Deputy board member (e) 4 043
Tone Flobakk Deputy board member (e) 473
Gro Kvamme Johnsen Deputy board member (e) 0
Jan Otto Eriksen Deputy board member (e) 3 917
Irene Vold Deputy board member (e) 4 720
Hilde Caroline Rossland Deputy board member (e) 0
Jørgen Finnby Deputy board member (e) 789
(e) = employee elected

Group Executive Management

Name Role Shareholding
Sigve Brekke President and CEO 121 368
Jørgen C. Arentz Rostrup EVP and Chief Financial Officer 3 557
Morten Karlsen Sørby EVP and Chief Transformation Officer 88 104
Wenche Agerup EVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer 6 494
Ruza Sabanovic EVP and Head of Services and Operations 10 021
Jon Erik Haug EVP and Chief People Officer 21 456
Jon Gravråk EVP and Chief Digital Officer 5 525
Berit Svendsen EVP Scandinavia Cluster and CEO of Telenor Norway 38 396
Petter-Børre Furberg EVP Emerging Asia Cluster and CEO of Grameenphone, Bangladesh 31 583
Lars-Åke Norling EVP Developed Asia Cluster and CEO of dtac, Thailand 34 213
Alexandra Reisch EVP CEE Cluster and CEO of Telenor Hungary 2 569
Gunnar Sellæg EVP and Head of Products and Marketing (interim) 6 207


Name Role Shareholding
Knut Giske Group Controller 36 780
Christel Borge Head of CEO Office 25 902
Erik Mamelund External auditor   0
Nina Rafen External auditor 0
Markus Schmid External auditor 0