An Inclusive Work Environment

We believe in creating a work environment that allows you to work when and where you want, enables you to communicate freely with your co-workers and managers, and ensures your safety and well-being.

Flexible working hours

At Telenor we believe our employees perform best when they enjoy the benefits and flexibility that our communication technology allows: with a laptop, a cell phone and network access, you can do your job almost anywhere, at any time. Parents can combine work and family in a way that better suits their schedule; employees who like to work at odd hours may do so.

It is up to you. Work is something you do – it is not a location.

Learn and create in open landscape

At Telenor there are no individual offices. Open-plan office solutions were first installed at the Telenor headquarters in Norway in 2002. Since then all our offices have adopted, or started to adopt, similar office structures. According to a study carried out by the independent research group SINTEF, employee satisfaction with the physical work environment increased after the new offices were installed.

Open-plan offices make it easy for employees to communicate with one another, solve problems and share knowledge.. Open space makes managers and employees talk more freely, and encourages communication and new ideas. In the end, it makes each employee, as well as the entire organisation, more efficient.

Art and design spur creativity and enthusiasm

We want to inspire people with exhibition quality art, located, not in a museum, but in the office buildings and in their structures. An aesthetic work environment is inspiring and enhances the well-being of our employees, our customers and the public at large. Telenor has a growing Art Collection in several countries.

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A multi-cultural environment

The fact that Telenor is present in Asia, Europe and in the Nordic countries, give us an extraordinary opportunity to harvest knowledge and pioneer ideas from different cultures. New and successful services emerge in all the Telenor locations as a direct result of local initiatives combined with our exchange of knowledge between the companies in the Telenor Group.

By inclusion we mean diversity

We include people regardless of gender, religion, nationality or disabilities. By supporting men and women in harmonizing work and individual needs, Telenor becomes more attractive as an employer while employee performance increases. We encourage a balanced mix of male and female candidates when recruiting for internal leadership development programs and executive positions.

Our Open Mind programme is all about opening doors and offering work experience to people with different work disabilities and for immigrants from outside Europe. The programme helps the participants to overcome the barriers that often prevent them from participating in the working life.

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Protecting our employees

For Telenor employee safety and well-being is a priority. We focus on eliminating or controlling work-related hazards and risks, and on promoting health at work. We continually strive to improve our performance related to health, safety and the environment (HSSE), both regarding our employees and our subcontractors. As a global company, with operations in a number of emerging economies, this is a challenge we are making a priority in all our operations worldwide.

We have health and safety committees in all of our mobile operations with more than 100 employees. These committees are there to ensure that the HSSE work is performed in accordance with our corporate guidelines. In addition, our employees are protected by an insurance scheme that even covers incidents that occur during their spare time. A 24/7 hotline staffed by Telenor employees is available to help employees in need of assistance.

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Employee involvement

Telenor believes in empowering employees through management dialogue with employees or their recognized employee representatives. By utilizing the employees’ experience and insight to influence working conditions and contribute to sustainable business growth, we also aim to empower the societies in which we operate. Throughout Telenor Group we are promoting partnerships based on good and trusting dialogue, e.g. in relation to acknowledged labour unions based on local law or through local cooperation bodies such as a People Council.

Twice a year, elected European employee representatives meet with the Telenor Group Management in at the Telenor Works Council – Europe (TWC-E). The objective of TWC-E is to enhance information exchange and discussions in relation to transnational issues. You can read more about Employee involvement here.