Strategy 2014 – 2016

Telenor Group’s business strategy is built around maintaining our role as a predominantly retail operator, while adding new services to extend our reach into digital services.

Our key ambitions

Telenor will continue to focus on growth and value creation. To achieve this, we focus on three strategic ambitions: Internet for all, loved by customers and efficient operations.

Internet for all

Data represents the next growth curve. We will increase and monetize data usage and selectively build new stand-alone services positions.

Loved by customers

To continue to deliver higher growth than peers, it is increasingly important to win and retain existing mobile subscribers, and to strengthen the ties we have with customers – delivering what customers truly value.

Efficient operations

We aim to utilize our resources to better meet future customer needs. Improving efficiency and changing how we operate will allow us to invest time and money in the customer experience. We target gross savings of NOK 5 billion by 2015.

Our key enablers

In order to deliver on our growth and value creation ambitions for 2016, we focus on two key enablers: passionate employees and impact societies.

Passionate employees

We must have passionate employees in order to deliver on our goal of achieving a leading Net Promoter Score in our markets by 2015. Telenor’s People strategy is to create impact through world class talent management. We will attract and develop unrivalled competence; we will drive employee engagement to retain the right capabilities; and we will ensure sustainable change and operational excellence to release capacity to deploy new capabilities.

Impact societies

We have a significant impact on the societies where we operate. Providing people with affordable smartphones and internet connectivity is an important catalyst for growth and development. We also have an opportunity to play a role in the digitalization of societies, within areas such as education, health and financial inclusion. In addition, we aim to further improve the way we work with our business environment, with a focus on local regulatory frameworks, societal expectations and stakeholder perceptions.

Strategic initiatives to support key ambitions

To deliver on its strategic ambitions, Telenor Group has prioritized a number of initiatives.

Delivering on Internet for All

Enable people to use the internet
We will increase penetration of internet users by making data networks available and affordable, and by increasing penetration of smartphones and other internet-capable devices.

Stimulate use
We will make larger customer segments aware of how mobile internet is beneficial and relevant for them.

Monetize internet use
We will continue to develop holistic portfolios that encompass prepaid, postpaid and all sub-brands. We will also continue to focus on total communication bundles consisting of relevant volumes of voice, SMS and data services.

Develop stand-alone digital service propositions

In selected markets, we will build positions in new service areas with attractive stand-alone revenues and strong network effects, such as financial services, M2M, online classifieds and others.

Delivering on Loved by Customers

Telenor’s Marketing Platform
Telenor’s Marketing Platform consists of best-in-class tools and creates a common language for discussing strategic marketing topics across the Group.

Net Promoter Score and Closed Feedback Loop
Net Promoter Score and Closed Feedback Loops are important tools for becoming a customer-centric leader. We will improve quality in customer touch points and customer-facing processes, and improve loyalty through better customer experiences.

Customer Insight
Solid insights are needed to create more targeted product and price packages in order to improve the customer experience and retention. Customer insight also drives cost efficiency.

As customer preferences evolve, digital channels increase in share of commerce. We will develop digital distribution capabilities and assets to stay competitive. In our growth markets, we will also strengthen mass market and physical distribution.

Customer Service
The customer service organization is a vital touch point between us and our customers. With the abundance of devices and services, customers need more advanced support. We will develop customer service to deliver on new expectations and service volumes.

Delivering on Efficient Operations

Efficiency agenda
Improving efficiency and changing how we operate will allow us to invest time and money into the customer experience. We target gross opex savings of NOK 5 billion by 2015.

New data demands result in new requirements for networks, and we see network quality as a lever for differentiation. We will be implementing networks that are  faster, smarter, more robust and available, high-performing and more efficient. We will continue to utilize network sharing to improve cost and quality positions in our markets.

We aim to transform IT to become an enabler for superior customer experiences. IT renewals will be business driven, and simplifying product portfolios and business processes is a prerequisite for success. Changing how we operate IT is another important tool to reduce cost and improve agility.

Cost efficiency:
We aim to have cost efficient operations with operational synergies across borders, through Performance Management, Business Unit efficiency improvements, and Global activities (e.g. Global Sourcing, Telenor Common Operations and Global Traffic).